Materials, Pavements, Maintenance, and Construction Research



Effect of Antioxidant Additives and Recycling Agents on Performance of Asphalt Binders and Mixtures - Phase I | 2024


Nebraska Balanced Mix Design - Phase 1 | 2023


Research on High-RAP Mixtures with Rejuvenators - Field Implementation  |  2021


Data Analysis of Nebraska Pavements Containing RAP  |  2020


Evaluation of Mixtures and Pavement Performance for Rehabilitation Methods  |  2020


Feasibility and Implementation of Balanced Mix Design in Nebraska  |  2020


High-RAP Mixtures with Rejuvenators and WMA Additives – Phase II   |  2019


Investigation of DSR Test Methods to Determine Binder Low Temperature Properties   |  2019


Asphalt Binder Laboratory Short-Term Aging  |  2019


Optimizing In-Place Density of Asphalt Pavements During Cold Weather Paving in Nebraska  |  2019


New Mixture Additives for Sustainable Bituminous Pavements  |  2018


Evaluation of Tack Coating Practices for Asphalt Overlays in Nebraska  |  2017


Research on High-RAP Asphalt Mixtures with Rejuvenators and WMA Additives  |  2016


Development of a Semicircular Bend (SCB) Test Method for Performance Testing of Nebraska Asphalt Mixtures  |  2015


Evaluation of Thin Asphalt Overlay Practice Preserving Nebraska's Asphalt Pavements  |  2015


Infrared Thermography-Driven Flaw Detection and Evaluation of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements  |  2010


Effects of Aggregate Angularity on Mix Design Characteristics and Pavement Performance  |  2010


Moisture Sensitivity of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Mixtures in Nebraska Phase II  |  2010


Investigation of Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Testing Program in Nebraska  |  2008


Research on Fatigue of Asphalt Mixtures and Pavements in Nebraska  |  2008


A Performance Base Incentive Program for Asphalt Pavements  |  2007


Material Selection and Design Considerations for Moisture Damage of Asphalt Pavement  |  2006


Restricted-Zone Requirements for Superpave Mixes Made with Local Aggregate Sources  |  2006


Investigating Binder Flushing of SP-2 Mixes  |  2005




Production of Cast-in-Place UHPC for Bridge Applications I 2024


Low-Cement Concrete Mixture for Bridge Decks and Rails I 2023


Performance of High Early-Strength Used in Concrete Bridge Repair | 2023


Feasibility Study of Development of Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for Highway Bridge Applications in Nebraska   | 2020


Best Practices to Address Issues of Excess Aggregate Dust in Nebraska  |  2020


Colloidal Silica: Cement Enhancing Admixture Product Evaluation  |  2020


Influence of Curing Conditions on Concrete Specimens (Cylinders) in Hot and Cold Weather in the Field  |  2020


Utilizing Kryton KIM Technology in Bridge Deck and Rail Construction to Protect Against Chloride Ion Penetration  |  2020


Application of Internal Curing to Improve Concrete Bridge Deck Performance  |  2020


Evaluation of Tie-Bar Anchoring Methods: Non-Shrink Grout vs. Epoxy   |  2020


Improvement of Low Traffic Volume Gravel Roads in Nebraska  | 2020


Investigating the Interaction of NDOT Hot-Pour Joint Sealant and Penetrating Concrete Sealers  |  2019


Evaluation of Reducing Cement Content in NDOR Class R Combined Aggregate Gradations   |  2019


Effect of Moisture Condition on Concrete Core Strengths   |  2019


Evaluation of Nebraska’s Aggregate Reactivity by the Miniature Concrete Prism Test Method – AASHTO T380  |  2019


Hot Applied Sealant Bond Test for Joints with Penetrating Sealers  |  2018


Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders by Different Preparation Methods: Sulphur, Neoprene Pads and Grinding  |  2018


Evaluation of Dowel Bar Inserter Practices in PCC Pavements with Magnetic Tomography Technology  |  2016


Penetrating Sealers Evaluation on Portland Cement Concrete with Supplemental Cementitious Materials  |  2016


Additional Methods for Testing Sealer Penetration  |  2016


Evaluation of Lightweight Pieces in Aggregates  |  2015/2016


Field Performance of Sealers for Portland Cement Concrete Pavements  |  2015


Nebraska Aggregate Reactivity Evaluation Phase I - II Completed  |  2013


Optimized Aggregates Gradation for PCC Mix Designs Evaluation-47BR Concrete  |  2013


Aggregate Class Evaluation for BX Concrete  |  2013


Optimized Aggregates Gradations for Portland Cement Concrete Mix Designs Evaluation  |  8.5.2013


The Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA) for Temporary Pavements  |  2013


Dowel Basket Assemblies Tie Wires  |  2012


Chloride Content Comparison of AASHTO T 260  |  2012


Durability of PCC-ARS  |  2010


Strength Comparison 4x8 vs. 6x12  |  2010


Modulus Testing for SCC Pile Mix Design  |  2010


Second Evaluation - Summary MIT - Scan - T2  |  2009


Phase I - Nebraska 47BR Aggregate Grading Evaluation  |  2008


Evaluation - Summary MIT - Scan - T2  |  2008 


Evaluation - 47BHE with IPF  |  2008


Evaluation of Binary and Ternary Mixes  |  2007


Blended Cement Chemical Evaluation (Oxides) for NDOR Quality Assurance (Revised 2013)  |  2007


Air Evaluation in Nebraska Highway Pavements  |  2005


Bond Strength of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Prestressed Concrete Applications  |  2004


Summary Report for Dowel Bars  |  2004


PCCP Phase I Summary  |  2003




High-Mast Tower Foundation  |  2020


Early Detection of Near-Surface Void Defects in Concrete Pavement Using Drone Based Thermography and GPR Methods  |  2020


Effectiveness Study of UNL’s Crack Routing Device (CRD) – Phase II  |  2016


Nebraska Data Collection  |  2015


Effectiveness Study of UNL's Pneumatic Crack/Join Preparation Device  |  2014




Development of the Nebraska Department of Transportation Winter Severity Index - Phase II  I 2024


Erosion Resistant Rock Shoulder | 2023


An Investigation of Water Obstructions and Related Weather Conditions for Nebraska Roadways  |  2022


Investigation of Weather Conditions and Their Relationship to Crashes  |  2020


Correlation Analysis of MDSS and NEWINS  |  2020


Validation of the Mechanical Rocker Test Method for Ice Melting Capacity (MRT-IMC)  |  2019


Development of the Nebraska Department of Transportation Winter Severity Index  |  2018


Development of a Mechanical Rocker Test Procedure for Ice Melting Capacity Evaluation  |  2014


Performance Rating of De-icing Chemicals for Winter Operations  |  2011


Effectiveness Study on Temporary Pavement Marking Removals Methods  |  2011


Evaluation of Two Chemical De-Icers used in Nebraska  |  2006


Guidelines for Prioritizing Bridge Deck Anti-Icing System Installation  |  2003




Development of Guideline for the Use of Geosynthetics in Different Roadway Layered System in Nebraska I 2024 


Resealing Concrete Median Barriers with Penetrating Concrete Sealers  I 2022


Measuring Foundation Course Modulus Using Falling Weight Deflectometer, Light Weight Deflectometer, and Dynamic Cone Penetration  |  2021


Development of High-Performance Rapid Patching Materials for Pavement Repair   |  2019


Mitigating Pavement Edge Drop Off  |  2015


Pavement Quality Indicators - 10 Yr. Report  |  2013


Pavement Quality Indicators - 5 Yr. Report  |  2008