Third Annual NDOT Name A Snowplow Contest

The Nebraska Department of Transportation would again like to invite each of your students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade to participate in the third annual Name A Snowplow contest. The Name A Snowplow contest kicks off NDOT’s annual winter operations season and is a great way for students to learn more about winter safety in Nebraska.


Similarly, to last year, NDOT will select 16 names from across the state to be chosen as winners. The winning names will be branded on selected plows in the district from where the student is from. To learn more about which district your school is in, click here.


Each winning student will receive a mini snowplow with their winning name branded on it, a commemorative sign and a commemorative sign for the school.


Submissions can be made by clicking here and are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 20.







Submit Your SnowPlow Name! 

Students in kindergarten through fifth graders can submit a name for a snowplow by clicking the link above!






Past Winning Names




Thunder Plow - Johnson County Central School
A Little Pushy - South Elementary School - Falls City
Frostisaurus Rex - Blumfield Elementary (Omaha)
Scoopy Doo - Blumfield Elementary (Omaha)



Scoop There It Is! - Battle Creek Elementary
Snow Warrior - Richland Elementary
The Banana Scooper - Northeast Elementary
Fast and the Flurryous - Ravenna Elementary
Snow Slayer - Crawford Public Schools
Princess Plow - Gordon-Rushville Elementary
Baby Snoda - Hershey Public Schools
Chips and Salt-sa - Thedford Elementary
Abominable Snow Monster - Hitchcock County Elementary
'Snow' More Math - Maywood Public Schools
Slush Sleigher - Keya Paha County School
Meowcicles - Valentine Elementary



Deep Trouble - Dorchester Public Schools 
Snow Pirate - Dorchester Public Schools 
Snowbi-Wan Kenobi - Meadows Elementary (Omaha)
Velociplower- Meadows Elementary (Omaha)


Snow Big Deal - Westside Elementary (Norfolk)
Snow School Today - Pender Public Schools
Deep Freeze - Pleasanton Elementary 
Snow Crusher - Pleasanton Elementary


No Snow Let’s Go - Crawford Elementary 
Snow Blazer - Central Elementary (Sidney)
Super Scooper - Hershey Public Schools
Power Pusher - Hershey Public Schools


Plow Wow KaPow! - Perkins County Schools  (Grant)
Oh No Snow! - Perkins County Schools  (Grant)
Plowabunga - Burwell Public Schools 
Snowswisher - Keya Paha County Schools (Springview)







Blizzard Buster
Blizzard of Oz
Darth Blader
Dragon Flame


Drift Slayer
Flurry Force
Ice Breaker 2000


Plower Power
Snow Angel
Snow Beast
Snow Big Red


Snow Blade
Snow Day Hunter
Snow-tal Annihilation
Winter Warrior



2023 Photos & Video





If you have any questions about the 2023 Name A  Snowplow contest, please use the form below to ask your question! 


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