2nd Annual Name a Snowplow Contest

NDOT’s Name A Snowplow con-test kicks off the Winter Operations season! This year, NDOT will select 16 names from across the state to be chosen as the names of 16 of our snowplows. Nebraska residents can then follow the snowplows in their districts on NDOT’s Plow Tracker.


How it Works

Elementary students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade are invited to submit their name ideas through this form by 11:59 p.m. on September 29.


The winning names will be applied to selected plows in the district from where the student is from.


Each winning student will receive a mini snowplow with their winning name on it along with a prize box for their entire elementary class.


2021 Selected Snowplow Names

Blizzard Buster

Blizzard of Oz

Darth Blader

Dragon Flame

Drift Slayer

Flurry Force

Ice Breaker 2000


Plower Power

Snow Angel

Snow Beast

Snow Big Red

Snow Blade

Snow Day Hunter


Snow-tal Annihilation

Winter Warrio