The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) created a Carbon Reduction Program to reduce transportation emissions. The Carbon Reduction Program requires NDOT to develop a Carbon Reduction Strategy in consultation with Nebraska’s metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).


The Carbon Reduction Strategy provides an excellent opportunity for NDOT to highlight the ways in which it works with its partners that reduce transportation emissions while improving the safety, efficiency, accessibility of Nebraska’s transportation network. The Carbon Reduction Strategy will identify projects and strategies that reduce carbon emissions from transportation. NDOT’s final Carbon Reduction Strategy must be submitted to the federal Department of Transportation by November 15, 2023.





The Carbon Reduction Program will provide approximately $9.2 million in formula funding to Nebraska annually for five years (fiscal years 2022-2026) which can be used to fund initiatives and projects detailed in the Carbon Reduction Strategy.



Public Input Opportunities

This website will serve as a repository for public information related to the development of the Carbon Reduction Strategy. In addition, there will be multiple outreach activities targeted to various audiences.



Public Engagement: The general public will be kept abreast of the Carbon Reduction Strategy development through a virtual public meeting, a survey, a press release, and periodic updates to this project webpage.


Upcoming Public Meeting: A virtual public meeting will be held on September 7, 2023 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Agenda includes a presentation on the project, goals, and vision for NDOT's strategy on carbon reduction. Participants will be able to leave comments and ask questions during the session through the chat function or via email. A recording of the meeting will be posted once the meeting has concluded. 


To learn more and to register for the virtual public meeting, click here


Local Governments and Other Stakeholders: Key stakeholders include other state agencies, local governments, tribes, academics, advocacy groups, and the private sector. A small selection of local stakeholders will be contacted for interviews and a broader range stakeholders will be engaged through a survey.


MPO Meetings: Meetings will be held with Nebraska’s MPOs to ensure a shared understanding of the program guidance and goals and close coordination in the identification of projects. The High Street Team will hold six MPO engagements ensuring that the MPO staff are briefed on the Carbon Reduction Strategy requirements and ample opportunity to collaborate in the development of the Strategy.


Contact Information:

Craig Wacker || Highway Planning Manager and MPO Liaison