Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) respects your privacy rights. We collect information for agency related business purposes only on this website. NDOT does not sell information collected on this site to a third party. By using our site you agree to our use of your information for business purposes.


Information of NDOT's is subject to disclosure under the Nebraska Public Records Act.


NDOT maintains e-mail listings for business purposes only. Listings are a result of requests received by NDOT to place individuals or companies or other entities on the e-mail lists. NDOT does not sell e-mail list information to a third party.


Unsolicited e-mail to NDOT may necessitate the use your e-mail address to respond to you. In the carrying out of agency business, we may store your e-mail, e-mail address, and a copy of our response. We may also share it with other agencies/groups in an attempt to respond to your inquiries/comments.


We collect general statistics on website usage/visits in order to improve our web services. We do not collect/store personal information on the users of our site, other than as described above.


The NDOT privacy policy applies only to our website and not to sites that may be linked to ours. The NDOT privacy policy does not apply to social media sites used by NDOT. You should refer to those sites' own privacy policies to learn how they collect and use information about you.


Security Statement

The State of Nebraska Department of Transportation is committed to ensuring the integrity and security of the information and systems it maintains.  We maintain internal information security policies, including incident response plans, and regularly review and update them.  NDOT has taken steps designed to safeguard its telecommunications and computing infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access to internal systems and confidential information.  If you have any knowledge of a security breach or potential security breach, please contact us at 402-479-4644 or


Social Media Policy

NDOT may utilize existing social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or similar venues as an adjunct method to reach those served by the agency. The NDOT Social Media Code of Conduct can viewed here


Highway Camera Policy

The cameras and their images, and other similar ITS devices, are for transportation purposes only, unless otherwise approved. Amber Alert is one such exception. Other exceptions include weather monitoring, traffic counting, and detection. Outside of approved exceptions for official use, cameras will not be used intrusively to violate personal privacy. Camera images are not archived.



The Nebraska Department of Transportation makes every effort to make its web site as accessible to people with disabilities as possible, including compliance with the State of Nebraska's Technology Access Policy as adopted by the Nebraska Information Technology Commission and Section 508 accessibility standards. However, some items like photos, maps, and plans are primarily visual presentations of information and there may be no other means to convey the full information contained in those items using available assistive technologies.


State Technology Accessibility Standards


If you have difficulty accessing information on a particular page, please contact our Web Communication Office via our Contact Us page.


File Download and Use Disclaimer

The Nebraska Department of Transportation allows the use of the information, including but not limited to data/design files, logs, and manuals, from its website on the express condition that such information is to be used at the user's risk.


NDOT expressly disclaims warranty of any type for such information, and makes no representation whatsoever regarding the correctness, the completeness, the merchantability or fitness for a particular use of such information. NDOT does not warrant such information against deficiencies of any type or nature. The use of such information for work which is under contract with NDOT does not relieve the contractor of any obligation assumed by the contractor for the complete and proper fulfillment of the terms of the contract. NDOT shall not be responsible for loss or damage to the contractor attributed to or resulting from the contractor's use of such information.


WARNING: Website information is subject to periodic change and/or updating. Anyone relying on such information must bear the risk that the information provided may be changed and/or updated without notice. Care should be taken by the user to check for changes/updates regularly.


Outside Links Disclaimer

The Nebraska Department of Transportation uses links to other websites to assist users in locating information on topics that might be of interest to them. We try to select our links carefully, but the Department cannot attest to the accuracy of information provided by linked sites.


In addition, links may be created by NDOT for informational purposes where the linked external website will provide useful and valuable information to visitors to this web portal.


Use of an outside link does not constitute an endorsement by the Department or any of its employees of the sponsors of the site or the products or views presented on the site. (If you feel that the content of an outside link is inappropriate - please contact us.)


This site contains links to sites that are not maintained or under the control of the State of Nebraska. As such, technical problems with outside links, other than a link that has been removed or changed, should be reported to the entity that maintains the site, not NDOT.


NDOT, at its sole discretion, will determine whether the external website meets the purpose of this web portal or for the specified informational purposes. Links to external websites and pages may be removed or replaced at the sole discretion of NDOT, at any time without notice.