Since 1986, the Department of Transportation/Division of Aeronautics has sponsored an annual Aviation Art Contest for the benefit of our youth. The program goal is to motivate and encourage young people to become more familiar with and participate in aeronautics, engineering, math and science.  There are three age categories of contestants:  6-9, 10-13 and 14-17 for boys and girls.



Aviation Art Contest 2023 - “Air Sports & The Environment” 

The sense of liberty that pilots and skydivers feel when flying through the skies often comes hand-in-hand with a deep appreciation of the blue and green planet below. Aviation has always been at the forefront of technology and over the generations, those involved in aeronautics have felt an ever-increasing pressure to protect our planet. By letting our imagination fly, we ask you to explore the ways that air sports can interact harmoniously with our environment.  How can air sports help inspire others to protect our earth?  How can technology and greener fuels be used to power aircraft?  How could aviation be involved in reducing, reusing, and recycling?


For youngsters from ages 6 thru 17, it was time to get out their favorite artist supplies and give free rein to their imagination by creating a poster that represents their thoughts when they think about the theme of “Air Sports & The Environment” for the Aviation Art Contest 2023. Due date for all entries was January 10, 2023, and contest results will be available soon. For further details about the annual aviation art contest contact David Morris at the NDOT – Division of Aeronautics david.morris@nebraska.gov or call 402-471-2371.



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