traffic incident management


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Traffic Incidents...


... jeopardize the safety of motorists and responders.

Every minute a lane is blocked, 4 extra minutes of delays are created. Every minute you're stuck in traffic increases your risk of being rear-ended.


... are a leading cause of unexpected highway congestion.


... are costly.
  • Americans burn more than 2.8 billion gallons every year stuck in incident-related traffic.
  • Commuters lose nearly a full workweek (36 hours) sitting in traffic congestion each year.
  • Costs associated with traffic incidents due to medical bills and lost wages have jumped 85% in only four years.


Information from USDOT FHWA Traffic Incident Management Brochure 




Omaha Incident 



Who Can Take the Training?


The key to building stronger incident response teams is to train responders across all agencies together. Then, these trained responders train their colleagues, expanding the reach of the TIM program across their region or State. Training classes include representatives across the responder spectrum:

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire and rescue personnel
  • Emergency medical services
  • Transportation agencies
  • Towing and recovery professionals
  • Notification and dispatch personnel
  • Hazardous materials management responders
  • Coroners and medical examiners
  • Public works professionals


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