Structures and Geotechnical Research



Low-Cement Concrete Mixture for Bridge Decks and Rails I 2023


Performance of High Early-Strength Used in Concrete Bridge Repair | 2023


Application of Steel Sheet-Piles for the Abutment of Water-Crossing Bridges in Nebraska – Feasibility Study | 2023


Truck Platooning Effects on Girder Bridges: Phase II | 2023


UHPC Decked I-Beam for Accelerated Bridge Construction | 2023


Pile Driving Saximeter Application for iOS & Android Devices I 2023


Field Monitoring of Joint-Less Curved Integral Abutment Bridge in Nebraska  | 2022


Data-Driven Prioritization and Empirical Predictions for Bridge Scour in Nebraska | 2022


Outdoor Laboratory and Testbed for Bridge Health | 2022


Phased Construction Bridges: Monitoring and Analysis for Traffic-Induced Vibration  |  2022


Design and Detailing of Cast-in-Place and Precast Concrete Approach Slabs  |  2021


Field Demonstration of GPR and UAV technologies for Evaluation of US 75/77 Bridges  |  2021


Feasibility Study: Alternatives to Prevent Settlements and Bumps at Bridge Approaches in Nebraska  |  2021


Low-Cost Modal Identification Sensors of Bridge Field Testing  | 2021


Truck Platooning Effects on Girder Bridges  |  2020


Bridge Asphalt Overlay With Waterproofing Membrane Effectiveness Study Us-75/77 Near Homer, Nebraska | 2020


Detection of Flaws in Asphalt Overlaid Concrete Decks Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves  | 2020


Development and Testing of a Bridge Rail for Low-Volume Roads  | 2020


Supporting Bridge Management with Advanced Analysis and Machine Learning  | 2020


Prototype System for Implementing the Ultrasonic Guided Wave Method on the Field   | 2020


Development and Implementation of a Moving Nondestructive Evaluation Platform for Bridge Deck Inspection  |  2020


Synthesis of Repair Practices of Damaged Precast/Prestressed Concrete Girders   | 2020


Precast Concrete Deck-to-Girder Connection Using UHPC  |  2019


Condition Assessment of Bridge Decks with Asphalt Overlay  |  2019


Long-Term Performance Evaluation of Nudeck in Kearney East Bypass  |  2019


Performance Evaluation of Inverted Tee (IT) Bridge System  |  2019


Automated Chain Drag Testing  |  2018


Detection of Multiple Flaws in Concrete Bridge Decks Using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation  |  2018


Protocol to Evaluate and Load Rate Existing Bridges  |  2017


Condition Factor Calibration for Load and Resistance Factor Rating of Steel Girder Bridges |  2017


Steel Pin and Hanger Assembly Replacement Options  |  2017


Continuous Long-Term Health Monitoring using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation  |  2016


Design Procedures of Retrofitted Bridge Rail  |  2016


Performance Assessment of Deteriorated and Retrofitted Steel HP Piles |  2016


Integrated 3D Bridge-Condition Visualization (BCV) to Facilitate Element-Based Bridge Condition Rating (EBCR)  |  2015


Characterization of Bridge Deck Runoff  |  2015


Evaluating the Constructability of NUDECK Precast Concrete Deck Panels for Kearney Bypass Project  |  2015


Investigation of Closure Pour Elimination for Phased Construction of Steel Girder Bridges  |  2014


Evaluating the Impact of Deck Removal Method on the Performance of NU Girders  |  2014

Assessment and Evaluation of Timber Piles Used in Nebraska for Retrofit and Rating  |  2014

Comprehensive Evaluation of Fracture Critical Bridges  |  2014

Implementation of Precast Concrete Deck System NUDECK (2nd Generation)  |  2013

Implementation of 0.7 in. Diameter Strands in Prestressed Concrete Girders  |  2013

Life-Cycle Assessment of Nebraska Bridges  |  2013

Second Generation Precast Deck Panel (NUDECK) System  |  2011

Impact of 0.7 Inch Diameter Strands on NU I-Girders  |  2011

Developing Deterioration Models For Nebraska Bridges  |  2011

Steel Box System Monitoring of N-2 over I-80 Bridge  |  2010

Columbus Viaduct System  |  2010

NU-Deck Precast Concrete Panels-IBRC  |  2010

Completion of Development of Non-Destructive Device to Detect Corrosion in Steel Strands ub Prestress or Post-Tensioned Concrete  |  2010

Design Aids of NU I-Girder Bridges  |  2010

Concrete Filled Steel Tube Arch  |  2006

Development of a Steel Bridge System Simple for Dead Load, Continuous for Live Load Volume 1 & 2  |  2005

Conductive Concrete for Bridge Deck Deicing and Anti-Icing  |  2004

Safety Performance Evaluation of the Nebraska Open Bridge Rail on an Inverted Tee Bridge Deck  |  2004

Implementation of the Superstructure/Substructure Joint Details  |  2003

Spliced I-Girder Concrete Bridge System  |  2003

Steel Bridge System with Delayed Composite Action  |  2003

Toward Development of a Steel Bridge System-Simple for Dead Load and Continuous for Live Load  |  2003

Development of a Design Guideline for Phase Construction of Steel Girder Bridges  |  2003

Anchorage of 0.6" Diameter Strands  |  2003




Development of Guideline for the Use of Geosynthetics in Different Roadway Layered System in Nebraska I 2024


Biopolymerized Slope and Subgrade Stabilization and Advanced Field Monitoring  |   2021


Nebraska Specific Slope Design Manual |  2019


CPT Based Pile Design | 2019


Piezocone Penetration Testing Device  |  2018


Use of Recycled Crushed Concrete (RCC) Fines for Potential Soil Stabilization  |  2016


Computer Aided Modeling of Soil Mix Designs to Predict Characteristics and Properties of Stabilized Road Bases  |  2010


Proctor Compaction Testing  |  2008


Pozzolan Stabilized Subgrade  |  2007


Behavior and Design of Buried Concrete Pipe - Phase 1  |  2006