Roadway, Hydraulics, and Environmental



Crashworthy Perforated Square Steel Tube (PSST) Mailbox Support - Phase I  |  2023


Design and Evaluation of Modified Centerline Rumble Strips  |  2017


Performance Characteristics of Posts Embedded in Soil  |  2016


Development of a MASH TL-3 Transition between Guardrail and Portable Concrete Barriers  |  2016


Conceptual Development of an Impact-Attenuation System for Intersecting Roadways  |  2015


Layer Moduli of Nebraska Pavements for the New Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)  |  2011


Acceleration Ramps along High Operating Speed Roadways  |  2011


Safety and Driver Behavior Studies at Multiple Lane Approaches to Stop-Controlled Intersections  |  2010


Toward Implementation of Mechanistic-Empirical Design in Nebraska  |  2010


Safety Evaluation of Left-Turn Lane Line  |  2010


Offset Right-Turn Lanes for Improved Intersection Sight Distance  |  2010


Appropriate Design Speed for Horizontal Curves Approaching A Stop  |  2004


Development of Rural Bicycle Compatibility Index  |  2004


Deceleration Lanes on Left-Turn Bays of Four-Lane Expressways  |  2003






Energy Dissipation Optimization for Circular Culverts | 2023


An Investigation of Water Obstructions and Related Weather Conditions for Nebraska Roadways  |  2022


Open-Bottom Culverts in Nebraska  |  2017


Bioengineering for Stream Bank Stabilization  |  2010


Regression Equation  |  2005





Evaluation of NDOT's Sediment Barrier Practices Using Performance Data  I  2024


Establishment of Wildflower Islands to Enhance Roadside Health, Ecological Value, and Aesthetics: Phase II2023


A Statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) as a Predictive Tool for Locating Deeply Buried Archeological Deposits in Nebraska: Phase II  |  2020


Establishment of Wildflower Islands to Enhance Roadside Health and Aesthetics  |  2019


Remediating Soil For Successful Vegetation Establishment Along Nebraska Highways  |  2019


Systematic Approach to Identifying Deeply Buried Archeological Deposits  |  2018


Range and Habitat Preferences of Norther Long-Eared Bats in Nebraska  |  2018


Effectiveness of Chain Link Turtle Fence and Culverts in Reducing Turtle Mortality and Providing Connectivity along U.S. Hwy 83, Valentine National Wildlife Refuge, Nebraska, USA  |  2017


Battery Electric Vehicles and Dc Fast Charging Infrastructure: Needs and Feasibility in Nebraska  |  2017


Improving Wildflower Longevity in Roadside Seeding Areas  |  2017


Surveys for Northern Long-Eared Bat Use of Nebraska Bridge Structures |  2016


Effects of Compaction and Soil Moisture on American Burying Beetles  |  2016


Species Distribution Model for Swift Fox in Nebraska  |  2016


Identifying and Addressing Soil Property Issues Affecting Roadside Vegetation Establishment |  2015


Swift Fox Survey Along Heartland Expressway Corridor  |  2015


Evaluation of Concrete Grinding Residue (CGR) Slurry Application on Vegetation and Soil Responses Along Nebraska State Hwy 31  |  2015


Overwintering Biology and Tests of Trap and Relocate as a Conservation Measure for Burying Beetles  |  2015


Development of a Nebraska Culvert Aquatic Organism Passage Screening Tool  |  2014


Development of a Model of American Burying Beetle Occurrence in the Plains Ecoregion of Nebraska  |  2014


Stormwater Pollution Treatment BMP Discharge Structures  |  2014


Passive Stormwater Samplers for Sampling Highway Runoff from BMPs: Feasibility Study  |  2014


Fertilizer Effects on Attaining Vegetation Requirements  |  2014


Development and Evaluation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Highway Runoff Pollution Control  |  2014


Establishing Permanent Vegetation after Highway Construction  |  2013


Laboratory and Field Measures of Habitat Suitability for Burying Beetles  |  2010