Traffic, Safety, Planning, and Technology


Traffic and Safety

Crashworthy Perforated Square Steel Tube (PSST) Mailbox Support - Phase I  |  2023


Inventory, Operations, and Safety at Free Right-Turn Ramps | 2023


Intelligent Work Zone Using Automatic Queue Detection Systems | 2022


Costs Due to Lane Closures During Construction and Maintenance Operations | 2022


Evaluating ASCT operations for Dodge Street Corridor | 2021


Nebraska Rail Crossing Safety Research |  2020


Investigation of Weather Conditions and Their Relationship to Crashes |  2020


Research on School Zone Safety  |  2020


Improvement of Low Traffic Volume Gravel Roads in Nebraska  |  2020


Assessing the Impact of Game Day Schedule and Opponents on Travel Patterns and Routes Choice using Big Date Analysis  |  2019


Restricted Crossings on Rural Highways  |  2019


Road Diets in Nebraska  |  2018


NDOT Permitting Fees  |  2018


Evaluation of Opportunities and Challenges of Using INRIX Data for Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Historical Trend Assessment  |  2017


Assessing Passenger Car Equivalency Factors for High Truck Percentages  |  2017


In-Vehicle Evaluation of Milled Rumble Strips at Pre- and Post-Chip Sealed Maintenance Periods  |  2017


Offset Right-Turn Lanes on State Highway Systems  |  2016


Performance of Advance Warning Systems in a Coordinated System  |  2016


Safety Management System Needs Assessment  |  2016


Active Traffic Management Case Study: Phase 1  |  2016


Safety and Operational Analysis of Lane Widths in Mid-Block Segments and Intersection Approaches in the Urban Environment in Nebraska  |  2015


Investigation of Rural/Suburban High-Speed Multilane Roundabouts |  2014


Investigating Operations at Geometrically Unconventional Intersections  |  2014


Characteristics of Fatigued Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers - A Preliminary Investigation  |  2012


Development of a State of the Art Traffic Microsimulation Model for Nebraska  |  2011


The Effects of Pedestrian Countdown Timers on Safety and Efficiency of Operations at Signalized Intersections  |  2011


Investigation and Mitigation of Driver Confusion at Modern Roundabouts  |  2010


Safety and Driver Behavior Studies at Multiple Lane Approaches to Stop-Controlled Intersections  |  2010


Using Traffic Estimates to Evaluate Intersection Improvements  |  2010


Centerline Curbing at Railroad Crossing Treatment for Improved Safety  |  2010


Optimal Design of Work Zone Median Crossovers  |  2010


Intersection Safety  |  2006


Effects of Central Island Landscaping Treatments at Single-Lane Roundabouts  |  2005




Modeling Pedestrian and Bicyclist Crash Exposure with Location-Based Service Data I 2024


Preparing for a Driverless Future  |  2020


A Big Data Approach for Improving Nebraska Cycling Routes  |  2020


Investing In Bicycle Infrastructure to Spur Statewide Economic Growth through Bicycle Tourism  |  2020


Nebraska Department of Roads Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP)  |  2016


Model for Predicting the Impact Upon Economic Development Resulting from Highway Improvement Projects  |  2011




Field Demonstration of GPR and UAV Technologies for Evaluation of Two US 75/77 Bridges I 2021


Research and Education for Optimizing the Development and Implementation of an Unmanned Aircraft Program at the Nebraska Department of Transportation  |  2021


To Automate, Detecting, Quantifying and Mapping of Delamination of Bridge Decks Using Aerial Thermographic NDE  | 2020