Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Pilot Program



The Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Pilot Program funds will be awarded to support comprehensive planning or site-specific planning associated with new fixed guideway and core capacity improvement projects.

Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Notice of Funding Opportunity:
The U.S. Department of Transportation published a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for $13.5 million in grant funding through the TOD pilot program on August 8, 2023.


Important Details:


Eligible Applicants

  • State gov’t

  •  Local gov’t 

  • U.S. territory gov’t

  • 1 of those 3 AND an FTA grant recipient


Eligible Projects

  • Fixed guideway project – public transportation facility:

    • Using and occupying a separate right-of-way for the exclusive use of public transportation

    • Using rail

    • Using a fixed catenary system

    • For a passenger ferry system

    • For a bus rapid transit system

  • Core capacity improvement project – a substantial corridor-based capital investment in an existing fixed guideway system that increases the capacity of the corridor by not less than 10%

Eligible Projects

  • A comprehensive plan report including development policies, timelines, and financing strategies

  • A strategic plan report including specific strategies and program recommendations

  • Revised TOD-focused zoning codes and/or resolutions

  • A report evaluating and recommending financial tools

  • Affordable housing policies

  • Policies to encourage and/or prioritize TOD




Application Criteria

  • Project Factors

    • Enhances economic development and ridership

    • Facilitates multimodal connectivity/accessibility

    • Increases access to transit hubs for pedestrian and bicycle traffic

    • Enables mixed-use development

    • Encourages affordable housing

    • Identifies infrastructure needs associated with the eligible project

    • Includes private sector participation

  • Demonstrated Need

  • Strength of the Work Plan, Schedule and Process

  • Funding Commitments



  • $13.5M for FY2023

  • Cost Sharing or Matching

    • In general, the maximum federal share is 80%

    • Exceptions up to 100% may be made for areas with lower population density or lower average income levels.



  • 10/10/2023 - Applications due


Additional info

  • Applications must be submitted via

    • Applicants who are new to are encouraged to start the process well in advance of the deadline as the registration can take several weeks to complete.