Thriving Communities Program (TCP) Call for letters



The Thriving Communities Program (TCP) is designed to provide technical assistance, planning, and capacity building support to advance a pipeline of transportation and community revitalization activities that increase mobility, reduce pollution from transportation sources, expand affordable transportation and housing options, improve health outcomes, facilitate efficient land use, preserve or expand jobs, and enhance connections to health care, education, and food security to benefit disadvantaged populations and communities.

Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Call for Letters
The U.S. Department of Transportation published a Call for Letters of Intent for the Thriving Communities Program on September 12, 2023.

Important Details:


Eligible Applicants

  • State DOT

  • Local gov’t

  • MPO

  • Transit agency

  • Federally-recognized Tribes


Program Offerings (3-year period)

  • Targeted, individualized deep-dive technical assistance and planning support, including assistance with grant applications, project scoping, planning and pre-development activities, pre-engineering studies, and other activities as determined by selected communities (years one and two).

  • Capacity Building support, including financial, staffing, or resource support – including through subgrants – to lead applicants and their identified community partners to grow local capacity and build local technical expertise (years one and two).

  • A Community of Practice comprised of local and national partners to advance policies, practices, and projects informed by meaningful public involvement and partnership (years one, two, and three).



Communities of Practice

  • Main Streets – Focused on Tribal and rural communities and the interconnected transportation, housing, community, and economic development issues they face.

  • Complete Neighborhoods – Focused on urban and suburban communities located within metropolitan areas working to better coordinate transportation with land use, housing, and economic development.

  • Networked Communities – Focused on those communities located near ports, airports, freight, and rail facilities to address mobility, access, environmental justice, and economic issues including leveraging their proximity to these facilities for wealth-building and economic development opportunities.



  • 11/15/2023 – Letters of Interest due


Additional Info

  • Letters of Interest must be submitted via a web-based form found on the Thriving Communities Program page.
  • USDOT also released a TCP NOFO for those interested in providing support and build local capacity to accelerate projects, access and manage federal funding, and deploy local hiring, workforce development, and inclusive community engagement.
  • Recipients are not obligated to seek USDOT grants or credit programs in the future.
  • Participation does not offer preferential treatment to future applications or a guarantee of federal funding.