About Local Projects

NDOT, through the Local Projects Section, is responsible for establishing State policy, developing risk control measures and procedures, and providing oversight for local Federal-aid transportation programs and projects, as well as the State Rec Roads Program (SRR), Major Bridge Program (MJBR), County Bridge Match Program (CBMP) and Federal Funds Purchase Program (FFPP).


The Local Project Section (LPS) provides the primary NDOT oversight for project initiation, preliminary and final project plan and development activities. Several other NDOT Divisions assist the LPS by providing specialized oversight for specific development activities of projects. NDOT’s Construction Division provides oversight for construction engineering procurement, letting plans and specifications, and assistance to the District during the construction phase. Construction Division also provides construction project bid letting services on behalf of the LPA.


The LPS includes three sections: Urban, Secondary Roads, and Quality Management.  For project development phases, oversight activities for each local project are assigned to a Local Projects Section Project Coordinator.


  1. The Urban Unit administers, distributes, and monitors Federal transportation funds for the metropolitan planning organizations, including MAPA and LCLC. This Section also oversees projects for which the primary funding sources are transportation enhancement program funds and safe routes to school funds.
  2. The Secondary Roads Unit administers and provides oversight of Federal funds for counties and municipalities with populations of less than 5,000. This Unit also oversees the State Rec Road (SRR) and Emergency Relief (ER) program funds.
  3. The Quality Management Unit (QMS) is responsible for updating manuals, developing and monitoring Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedural standards, qualifying LPAs to administer Federal-aid projects and training and qualifying public employees to oversee Federal-aid projects.



LPA Guidelines Manual for Federal Aid Projects 

LPA Encroachment Policy for Federal-Aid Projects

Local Projects Monthly Status Report (12/2/2019)