Future Projects

Some projects listed here are in the planning stages. Information on those pages may be preliminary and changes may occur.


(NB) US-75 Off-Ramp to N-64

12th-7th Ave., Kearney

23rd St, Columbus

24th Street Projects

Adams West and Adams West Bridges

Alexandria South Bridges and Alexandria South

Alvo North

Ansley Viaduct

Ashland Viaduct

Belden - Laurel

Blair - Herman

Blair West Culvert

Blue River Bridge, Beaver Crossing

BNSF RR at Bridgeport

Brownson East/Brownson East Crossovers

Brule - Ogallala

Burwell West

Cedar Rapids to St. Edward

Center - Bloomfield

Central City Viaduct

Chappell - N-27

Chappell East // US-138 West

Clearwater East Bridge

Cody Ave. East, Alliance

Colorado Line – Big Springs, Big Springs West Crossover & Big Springs West

Columbus East and North

Columbus East Viaduct

Columbus South NB

Creighton Pedestrian Bridge (US-75)

Denton Spur

Dwight East Bridges // Dwight to N-79 // N-15 to Dwight

E Jct US-20 South In O’Neill

E. JCT N-8 – US-77

Emerald West

Fairbury North

Fairbury West Viaduct

Frazier Creek North and South

Fremont Southeast Beltway

Geneva North

Gibbon – Shelton

Gibbon Link

Hastings Southeast

Holdrege South

I-129, South Sioux City

I-480 Bridges in Omaha

I-80 Omaha: 24th St. to 13th St. Interchange

I-80/480/US-75 Bridges, Omaha & Bancroft – Dewey, Omaha (Resurf)

In Dalton

In Falls City and North

In Grand Island & North

In Grand Island Bridges

In Jackson

In Oakland and South

In Red Cloud

In Valentine

In Winnebago

Inglewood – Fremont & US-77/Cloverly Rd, Inglewood

Jct. N-31 / N-36

Jct. US-281 West, Grand Island

Jct. US-81/N-91

L63A North of Genoa

Lake McConaughy North & Arthur South

Lincoln South Beltway

Lincoln West Beltway

Long Pine Bridge

Maxwell - Brady

McCook - Indianola

McCook – North Platte

Military Ave, Fort St – 90th St, Omaha

Mormon Bridges

Mullen South

Murray - Plattsmouth

Murray – US-34 and 75

Murray West

N-27 South Platte River & N-27 South Platte River Crossovers

N-370 66th-60th St. Intersections

N-62 South Bridge

N-91 North

Niobrara East & West

North Loup to Ord

Ord North

Ord Northeast

Orleans South Bridges

Oxford North

Pawnee City South Bridge

Pierce East

Pine St. to Spruce St., Chadron

Platte River Bridges East of Mahoney

Pleasant Dale North and South

Pleasanton South

Princeton - South of Warlick Blvd.

Ralston Viaduct

Red Cloud West

Rogers to Fremont

Salt Creek Br. East of 27th St. in Lincoln

Schramm Park - US-6

SE Jct. US-275 - Omaha

Shelton Link

Snyder West

South Bend – N-50

Stamford East & West

Stella West Bridges

Sunol to Chappell

Superior - Hardy

Sutherland – Hershey

Sutherland Interchange - Hershey

Swan Creek Bridge South of Western

Talmage North Bridges

Tecumseh North

Trenton North

Tryon - Mullen

Tryon North

Turkey Creek Bridge

Union West

US 275/72nd Street Interchange

US Hwy 6: West O to Cornhusker

US-183 Southeast

US-281 - Dannebrog

US-6 and Adams Central Intersection

US-6 and US-34 In Hastings

Verdigre North

Verdigre to Center

W. Dodge Rd. - I-680, Omaha

West Maple Rd., 156th–108th, Omaha and West Maple Rd., Ramblewood–156th, Omaha

West Maple Rd., Military – Cuming, Omaha

Worms Road East

Wynot East & West

Wyoming Line - Bushnell & Wyoming Line - Bushnell Crossover

York West