Future Projects

Some projects listed here are in the planning stages. Information on those pages may be preliminary and changes may occur.


(EB) I-80 Bridges in Omaha

(NB) US-75 Off-Ramp to N-64

12th-7th Ave., Kearney

23rd St, Columbus

24th Street Projects

Adams West and Adams West Bridges

Alexandria South Bridges and Alexandria South

Alvo North

Ansley Viaduct

Ashland Viaduct

Belden - Laurel

Blair - Herman

Blair West Culvert

Blue River Bridge, Beaver Crossing

BNSF RR at Bridgeport

Brownson East/Brownson East Crossovers

Brule - Ogallala

Burwell West

Cedar Rapids to St. Edward

Center - Bloomfield

Central City Viaduct

Chappell - N-27

Chappell East // US-138 West

Clearwater East Bridge

Cody Ave. East, Alliance

Colorado Line – Big Springs, Big Springs West Crossover & Big Springs West

Columbus East and North

Columbus East Viaduct

Columbus South NB

Creighton Pedestrian Bridge (US-75)

Crofton North

Denton Spur

Dwight East Bridges // Dwight to N-79 // N-15 to Dwight

E Jct US-20 South In O’Neill

E. JCT N-8 – US-77

Elkhorn River Approaches

Emerald West

Fairbury North

Fairbury West Viaduct

Fillmore/Saline County Line West

Frazier Creek North and South

Fremont Southeast Beltway

Geneva North

Gibbon – Shelton

Gibbon Link

Hastings Southeast

Holdrege South

I-129, South Sioux City

I-480 Bridges in Omaha

I-80 Omaha: 24th St. to 13th St. Interchange

I-80/480/US-75 Bridges, Omaha & Bancroft – Dewey, Omaha (Resurf)

In Ainsworth

In Dalton

In Falls City and North

In Grand Island & North

In Grand Island Bridges

In Jackson

In Oakland and South

In Red Cloud

In Stromsburg and North

In Valentine

In Winnebago

Inglewood – Fremont & US-77/Cloverly Rd, Inglewood

Jct. N-31 / N-36

Jct. US-281 West, Grand Island

Jct. US-81/N-91

L63A North of Genoa

Lake McConaughy North & Arthur South

Lexington North

Lincoln South Beltway

Lincoln West Beltway

Long Pine Bridge

Maxwell - Brady

McCook - Indianola

McCook – North Platte

Military Ave, Fort St – 90th St, Omaha

Mormon Bridges

Mullen South

Murray - Plattsmouth

Murray – US-34 and 75

Murray West

N-27 South Platte River & N-27 South Platte River Crossovers

N-370 66th-60th St. Intersections

N-50/Platteview Rd, Springfield

N-62 South Bridge

N-91 North

Niobrara East & West

Norfolk - Wisner

North Loup to Ord

North of Dixon - South of Martinsburg

Ord North

Ord Northeast

Orleans South Bridges

Osceola East & West

Oxford North

Pawnee City South Bridge

Pierce East

Pine St. to Spruce St., Chadron

Platte River Bridges East of Mahoney

Pleasant Dale North and South

Pleasanton South

Princeton - South of Warlick Blvd.

Ralston Viaduct

Red Cloud West

Rogers to Fremont

Salt Creek Br. East of 27th St. in Lincoln

Schramm Park - US-6

Schramm Park South

SE Jct. US-275 - Omaha

Shelton Link

Snyder West

South Bend – N-50

Stamford East & West

Stella West Bridges

Sunol to Chappell

Superior - Hardy

Sutherland – Hershey

Sutherland Interchange - Hershey

Swan Creek Bridge South of Western

Table Rock West

Talmage North Bridges

Tecumseh North

Trenton North

Tryon - Mullen

Tryon North

Turkey Creek Bridge

Union West

US 275/72nd Street Interchange

US Hwy 6: West O to Cornhusker

US-183 Southeast

US-281 - Dannebrog

US-6 and Adams Central Intersection

US-6 and US-34 In Hastings

US-77 – US-75

Verdigre North

Verdigre to Center

W. Dodge Rd. - I-680, Omaha

West Maple Rd., 156th–108th, Omaha and West Maple Rd., Ramblewood–156th, Omaha

West Maple Rd., Military – Cuming, Omaha

Worms Road East

Wynot East & West

Wyoming Line - Bushnell & Wyoming Line - Bushnell Crossover

York West