Lincoln West Beltway


Project Information

Status: Under Development



Proposed Construction:

The project involves upgrading existing US-77 to freeway standards from Saltillo Road to south of Van Dorn Street. This will include construction of a new interchange at the intersection of US-77 and Warlick Blvd.; construction of a new interchange at the intersection of US-77 and Pioneers Blvd.; and closing of the existing intersections at US-77 and Yankee Hill Road and at US-77 and Old Cheney Road. The work at the Warlick Interchange will include 1.06 miles of pavement reconstruction along Warlick Blvd./West Denton Road from Folsom Street to the Salt Creek Bridge. The work at the Pioneers Interchange will include 0.63 miles of pavement construction along Pioneers Blvd. from approximately 1000 feet west of Folsom Street to 300 feet west of South 1st Street.


Proposed Roadway:

A four-lane divided roadway section will be constructed along Warlick Blvd. through the limits of the interchange and east of US-77 to match the existing roadway. This typical section will have a 6-inch high integral curb at the raised median side of the driving lanes with surfacing and/or turf at the raised median. Ten foot wide shoulders, of which 8’-0” will be surfaced, are proposed at the outside of the driving lanes along this segment of Warlick Blvd. West of the new interchange the four-lane divided roadway section will transition to match the existing two-lane section along West Denton Road. A curbed urban roadway section will be constructed along Pioneers Blvd. through the limits of the interchange. One through lane will be provided for traffic in each direction along Pioneers with accommodations for dual left turn lanes and right turn lanes as required near the interchange. The paving will transition to match the existing two-lane section west of Folsom Street and the existing roadway section west of South 1st Street. The four-lane divided roadway section with depressed median will be perpetuated along US-77 through the limits of the project.



Roadway lighting will be provided along Warlick Blvd., Pioneers Blvd., and at the interchanges as part of this project. The project will also include traffic signals at the intersection of the interchange ramps and crossing roadways where warranted.



Cars per Day
% Trucks
Cars per Day
% Trucks
Warlick Boulevard
Pioneers Boulevard



Acquisition of private property for highway right-of-way will be required for the project. One home and a number of commercial buildings must be acquired for construction of the Pioneers Interchange. Control of access near the new interchanges must be modified or acquired.



Construction of the Warlick Interchange will be phased to allow existing US-77 and Warlick Blvd. east of US-77 to remain open to traffic during construction. Traffic west of US-77 will be detoured during construction of the interchange at this location. Pioneers Blvd. will be closed between Folsom Street and South 1st Street during construction of the Pioneers Interchange and traffic will be detoured to Old Cheney Road. US-77 will remain open to traffic throughout the construction of the project.



The project is not in the Department’s current five-year program and construction of the project will be dependent upon availability of future funds. The construction duration for the project will be approximately two years.


Estimated Cost:

$15,700,000 (includes construction, right-of-way, utilities and engineering).