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Project Information

Project #: NH-75-4(112)

Control #: 32155



Project Overview

The proposed project would reconstruct 0.74 miles of U.S. Highway 75 (US-75) located in Thurston County, starting just north of the US-75/U.S. Highway 77 (US-77) roundabout, at mile marker (MM) 169.05, and extending north to MM 169.79, north of the intersection of US-75/US-77 and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Road 52. The planned construction would consist of removing the existing pavement and replacing it with doweled concrete pavement with integral curb over foundation course on a prepared subgrade. A roundabout would be constructed at the intersection of US-75/US-77 and BIA Road 52/Mission Road (MM 169.68). Additional work would include curb inlets, storm sewer, new pedestrian facilities and lighting updates.


The project would be constructed under traffic with lane closures and flaggers directing traffic.



Anticipated Construction Schedule - Subject to Change

  • April 2020: Project Start
    • Construction will start with grading, temporary surfacing, box culvert and storm sewer work
  • May 2020:
    • Paving work (starting at Mathewson Street and moving north) and lane restrictions begin
    • Begin construction of roundabout
  • Winter 2020:
    • Work from Mathewson Street north to the end of the project is anticipated to
      be completed by this time
  • Spring 2021:
    • Construction starts from the beginning of the project north to Mathewson Street
  • Late summer 2021: Project End



If you have any questions as the project progresses, please contact:


Jeff Francis
NDOT District 3 Project Manager


Pat Boyle
NDOT District 3 Construction Engineer


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