23rd St. Columbus

Project Name: 23rd St. Columbus  |  Project Number: NH-30-5(134)  |  Control Number: 32234


About the Project

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) will reconstruct approximately 2.69 miles of the existing pavement on 23rd Street starting just east of the north junction of U.S. Highway 81 (US-81) and 23rd Street, and extending just east of the East 11th Avenue intersection. The project will consist of removing and replacing pavement, four turn lanes (one right, three left) will be extended and five right turn lanes will be added. Curb inlets and storm sewer will be reconstructed and new pedestrian facilities will be constructed.  In addition, driveways will be consolidated where possible and roadway lighting and traffic signals will also be updated with this project.



Project Documents

January 26, 2023 News Release

November 16, 2022 News Release


February 9, 2023 Pre-Construction Public Information Open House Meeting


August 11, 2022 Pre-Construction EPA Mitigation Public Information Open House Meeting



February 12, 2019 Public Meeting


Items from February 22, 2018 Public Meeting


Items from Stakeholder Meetings on April 17-19, 2017
  • Stakeholder Meeting Handout
  • Project Location
  • Comment Sheet - Your input is important to us. NDOT and the City of Columbus would like your input regarding the potential improvements to 23rd Street (US-30).  Please provide us with information outlined in this comment sheet via email, mail or the form located below.








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