About the Transportation Innovation Act

Enacted in April 2016, the Transportation Innovation Act (TIA) provided NDOT with new revenue, programs and tools to increase mobility, freight, economic growth and safety in Nebraska. The purpose of TIA is to accelerate highway capital improvement, promote innovative solutions for deficient county bridges, and help finance transportation improvements that connect new and growing  businesses. 



The TIA legislation resulted in a total allocation of $450 million for targeted infrastructure investment. The TIA legislation created the Transportation Infrastructure Bank (TIB) that received a one-time transfer of $50 million from the Cash Reserve Fund in 2016. The TIB receives annual revenue from fuel taxes generated by the LB  610 (2015). The fuel tax revenue is projected to generate $400 million for infrastructure investment prior to the 2033 sunset of the TIB. 


Programs and Progress

Three programs were created by TIA. Each program contains needed tools to better support the continued development of a robust statewide transportation system.




 Programs and Initiatives Related to the Transportation Innovation Act