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The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) is committed to reviewing all Borrow, Waste, Plant, Stockpile, and Construction Debris Sites for potential natural and historic resources that could occur on Sites outside of the project area.  This review is initially conducted via desktop review utilizing information provided by the Contractor along with NDOT and other resource agency’s resource data. Consultation with resource agencies may be required as part of this review.   A Contractor Site Use Request must be submitted for use of any Site being utilized by the Contractor.  Use the links below to download the form and submit a Contractor Site Use Request.



  • Review of Site Requests will not begin until all request requirements have been fulfilled by the Requestor.  To avoid delay, please provide complete, clear, and concise documentation and photographs.
  • See the Contractor Site Use Request Identification and Evaluation Submittal Guide for information on how to complete and submit a Site Request.
  • A new feature has been added to this page and is called Contractor Site Use Interactive Map.  This feature will allow the user to search for locations of previously approved Borrow, Waste Excavation, Plant, Stockpile, and Construction Debris Sites.
  • Local mining permits may be required. The Contractor is responsible for researching and obtaining necessary mining permits required by local governments.


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Contractor Site Use Interactive Map

Details for previously approved Contractor Requested Sites can be accessed from the statewide map below.  This map is for informational purposes only to view Sites that have been environmentally reviewed and previously approved for use.  Although the Sites shown below have been previously reviewed and approved for use, they are NOT APPROVED FOR FUTURE USE without a new request being submitted. 


Graphic depictions of Site boundaries are for display purposes only and show areas previously submitted by Contractors for use.  The Site boundaries should not be used for identifying limits of ownership.





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