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NEW USER - Prime Contractors:

The Nebraska Department of Transportation uses AASHTOWare Project software (AWP) to manage highway construction project records.

If you are a New User and this is the first project you have been awarded with NDOT OR this is your first time using the AASHTOWare project software, you are just a few quick steps away from starting your project.


Contract Administration:


Contract Activation:

After the contract has been signed and is fully executed, it will be activated in AWP.  As the prime contractor, you will receive an email notification from notifying you that your contract has been activated in AWP and is available for your use.


Request a new account or training:

If you are a new user --- Once the contract has been activated in AWP, you can contact the NDOT Construction Office at to request a new AWP account or request training for your personnel.


NOTE: AWP account creation can take several business days – please do not delay!


Need Assistance?  See helpful links and contact information below.


NDOT Project Start Dates:


NDOT Subcontracting process:



NDOT Insurance requirements: 


NDOT Change Orders:


NOTE: Please allow 7-10 business days for contract document administration --- Do not delay in setting up your contract files!


Additional Information:


Explanation of Std. Spec. 108.01 -Subletting or Assigning of Contract


Qualifications Submittal for Subcontract Work on Projects



FHWA Form 1273

The FHWA-1273 requires that the FHWA-1273 that was current as of the project letting be physically incorporated in each subcontract.  The most effective way for both the contractor and the State to assure that this is the case is for the contractor to incorporate the FHWA-1273 that includes the project number from the original contract in all contracts, subcontracts, and lower-tier subcontracts.  As of August 27, 2018, all subcontracts submitted to the Construction Division (if applicable) shall incorporate: the FHWA-1273, the Equal Employment Opportunity (Executive Order 11246), and the Davis Bacon Wage decision pages from the project contract. Subcontracts submitted without these pages will not be approved to the prime.


Liability Insurance Special Provisions - NDOT Projects


Liability Insurance Special Provisions - LPA Projects




If you require additional information, please contact the NDOT Construction Division – Contract Administration Section  or call the NDOT Lincoln Construction Division Office at (402) 479-4532


Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

NDOT Construction Division