Training opportunities are available through the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office (NDOT-HSO) in the following traffic safety areas: drug recognition expert (DRE), intermediate and advanced crash investigation, in-car camera, radar, and standard field sobriety testing.


Drug Recognition Expert (DRE)  

The DRE training is for law enforcement officers who are proficient in administering Standard Field Sobriety Tests and are active in DWI enforcements. The training enables participants to distinguish if an individual is under the influence of a drug(s) other than alcohol, under the combined influence of alcohol and other drugs, and to identify the broad category or categories of drugs inducing the observable signs of impairment.


The training consists of a two-Day DRE Pre-School, certification training that lasts seven (7) days and field certifications. The training is sponsored by the NDOT-HSO in the fall of each year. For more information contact Traffic Safety Specialist Becky Stinson at the NDOT-HSO.


Training Dates: (moved due to Floods)

  • Drug Recognition Expert Pre-School – September 18 & 19, 2019
  • Drug Recognition Expert Course - September 24 – 26 & September 30 – October 3, 2019


The following training courses are sponsored by the NDOT-HSO and offered through the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, Grand Island, Nebraska.


Intermediate Crash Investigation  |  Register

This course is 40 hours in length and emphasizes evidence identification, collection, and preservation. As part of this course, students are introduced to the concepts of the mathematical computations involved in traffic crash investigation.



Advanced Crash Investigation  |  Register

This course is 40 hours in length and is a continuation of the principles covered in the Intermediate Crash Investigation. Students will learn the principles of physics that apply to the process of crash investigation and more complex mathematical concepts to apply those principles.



In-Car Camera  |  Register

This course is eight (8) hours in length and provides law enforcement officers the necessary training to effectively operate an in-car camera. The course covers the legal and procedural use of in-car camera systems.



Radar Certification  |  Register

This course provides the most recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) curriculum. The course is to certify new operators in radar operations for speed enforcement and court testimony. All courses are held at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island, Nebraska.



Radar Recertification  |  Register

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends radar operators receive periodic updated training in the principles, concepts and operation of traffic radar. Eight (8) hours of recertification training is recommended every four (4) years for radar operators. Radar recertification training is offered via CD-ROM.



Standard Field Sobriety Testing (SFST)  |  Register

The SFST training was developed to ensure consistency in the content, delivery, and application of field sobriety testing. During the 24-hour training program, law enforcement officers learn: 1) How to recognize behavior that points toward impaired driving; 2) The importance of the SFST battery and how to properly administer the tests. (This is reinforced through the use of two (2) alcohol workshops); 3) When to make an impaired driving arrest; 4) How to write accurate and detailed reports; and, 5) How to give clear and convincing testimony.