Enacted in 2011, the Build Nebraska Act (BNA) dedicated ¼ of one percent of sales tax receipts for expansion of the Expressway System, federally designated High Priority Corridors, and preservation of the existing transportation system.



This Act dedicated 85 percent of the revenue generated towards Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) projects and 15 percent towards local roads and streets. Revenue became available in fall of 2013, and is on track to generate an estimated $1.2 billion for NDOT before its sunset in June 2033.


Programs and Progress

In November of 2011, NDOT announced approximately $600 million in investments to expand 17 expressway, interstate or national high priority corridors. To date, seven of these corridors are complete, the remaining are under construction or funded for construction and on track for completion. 




Build Nebraska Act – The Next 10 Years


Selected Projects  |  September 2016

These project selections came after several months of work during which NDOT engaged more than 2,000 stakeholders to update and expand its project prioritization process. Project selections are based on engineering and economic factors, and are informed by stakeholder input. 


Announcement Documents


Meeting Documents

Accelerated State Highway Capital Improvement Program

This program is focused on fast-tracking completion of Nebraska’s 600-mile Expressway System by 2033. Until the TIA bill was passed, several stretches of the expressway remained unfunded including stretches of U.S. Highway 275 between Omaha and Norfolk, U.S. Highways 75/34 between Omaha and Nebraska City, and U.S. Highway 77 between Wahoo and Fremont. This legislation also authorized the use of alternative contracting methods never before allowed in Nebraska. The Design-Build process will help expedite the delivery process of the state’s largest capital improvement projects, allowing completion dates to come two to four years sooner than traditional Design-Bid-Build methods.

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New Selections 

In the summer of 2016, NDOT rewrote the book on Capital Improvement selection. A listening campaign and new selection process known as StEEP (Stakeholder. Engineering. Economics. Priorities) was used to prioritize candidate projects that reflect the connection between transportation investments and the economy, and also recognizes local buy-in from communities. More than 2,000 Nebraskans participated in the process that identified more than $8 billion in potential transportation projects for funding consideration. Candidate projects were evaluated for their economic and engineering performance and given an overall performance score. Projects were selected based on performance scores and other important considerations, such as geographic inclusion, progress on Expressway and High Priority Corridors, Interstate and Expressway connectivity, and available supplemental funding.


In September 2016, NDOT announced that 100 percent of the Expressway System is either complete, under construction, or funded for construction or design. The StEEP selection process resulted in a $300 million investment in eight construction projects, twelve design projects and the planning of two more. These selections are funded by a combination of the BNA Next 10 Years and the TIA projected revenues anticipated by 2033. The investments will improve safety on our highways, promote economic growth throughout the state, and fulfill the 1988 vision to expand Nebraska’s Expressway System.



Funded for Construction

  • I-680 Fort St. to Irvington St.
  • N-7 Bassett to Springview
  • US-6 192nd & West Dodge Rd., Omaha Interchange Reconstruction
  • US-26 Minatare to US-385
  • US-75 Chandler Road, Northbound
  • US-77 Fremont Southeast Beltway
  • US-83 McCook to North Platte
  • US-275 Scribner to West Point

Funded for Design

  • I-80 Newberry Interchange & L56G to US-30
  • N-50 Louisville to Springfield
  • N-92 Yutan East Corridor
  • N-370 Gretna East to I-80
  • N-370 I-80 to Bellevue
  • US-30 Grand Island East Bypass
  • US-30 Kearney to Grand Island 
  • US-75 Nebraska City to Murray
  • US-77 Wahoo to Fremont
  • US-81 York North
  • US-275 West Point to West of Pilger
  • US-385 Alliance to Chadron

Funded for Planning

  • I-80 Omaha, New Interchange(s)
  • New Lincoln East Beltway

Expressway System


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