The Nebraska Environmental Documentation System (NEDS) is a custom, web-based application designed to assist in the environmental review of NDOT transportation projects. NEDS is currently under development and will be implemented in phases.


NEDS will: 



NEDS streamlines environmental processes from beginning to end by removing duplicative data entry, automating processes with existing data where possible, and making data available for other NDOT processes to consume. 



NEDS produces reports compliant with NDOT guidance documents based on user inputted data. 



Documentation produced by NEDS will be supported by integrated quality control procedures. 



NEDS data will be utilized to generate immersive dashboards and other reporting tools and metrics. 



Phased Implementation 

NEDS will be launched in phases. The first modules to launch will be the Hazardous Materials and Categorical Exclusion modules. Subsequent modules will be launched as they are tested and finalized.  


The Hazardous Materials module will assist NDOT staff and external consultant partners with the creation of Hazardous Material Review documents compliant with NDOT Hazardous Materials guidance. Using the module to create Hazardous Materials Reviews will be easy to learn for hazardous materials professionals already familiar with NDOT processes. 


The Categorical Exclusion module will be utilized to produce NEPA Categorical Exclusion documents compliant with the Nebraska Categorical Exclusion Guidance. It will replace NDOT’s Categorical Exclusion Smartform on launch. Data already entered into the Smartform will be migrated to the appropriate CE question in NEDS. Some data will require manipulation after migration. A document detailing data manipulation needs will be added to this page at a later date. Like the Hazardous Materials module, using the CE module will be intuitive for NEPA professionals already familiar with the Smartform and completion of CE documentation for NDOT. 




Module: a review area within NEDS that corresponds to a specific environmental resource area (e.g. wetlands, historic properties, public outreach, etc)

User Guide and Training 

A user guide and associated interactive training is currently in development and will be available at launch. These resources will familiarize users with NEDS and other information pertinent to interacting with resource modules.  


NEDS Access 

To access NEDS, prospective users will require a State of Nebraska account, sometimes referred to as a STN account. Users that already have a STN account for work within Smartform will have access to NEDS at launch. Further information detailing account creation will be added to this page at a later time. 


Launch Timeframes 

NDOT is targeting early 2024 for the initial launch of the Hazardous Material and CE modules.  



Have a NEDS question? Ask it via email or phone, and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 


Phone: 402-479-3632