Environmental Stewardship for NDOT Facilities

We pride ourselves as a customer-focused organization. We believe in creating a strategy to deliver our services in the most efficient manner possible–demonstrating our value to the highway user. Our employees take great pride and strive to provide the best possible statewide transportation system, in a safe, fiscally sound and environmentally responsible manner.


It's What We Do

With approximately 150 operation and maintenance facilities across the state, equipping employees with the resources needed to minimize pollutants associated with day-to-day activities requires an extensive program which includes education, routine inspections, periodic audits, and ongoing activities to maintain mapping and inventory databases.

To learn more about some of NDORs environmental stewardship activities, download this brochure: Environmental Stewardship for NDOR Facilities


What is a BMP?

Watch this two minute clip and find out how you can prevent pollution with Best Management Practices!


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