Federal Funds Purchase Program (FFPP)

LB98 provided NDOT the authority to enter into agreements for purchase of federal aid transportation funds at a discount rate.  The Federal Funds Purchase Program was established to provide a way for NDOT to purchase the federal funds used by LPA’s in exchange for state cash.  State dollars allow local agencies to tailor projects to better meet their needs. State funds obtained must be expended for highway and bridge needs.




Benefits of Federal Fund Purchase Program:

  • Local control of LPA Projects
  • FHWA requirements and oversight are eliminated
  • LPA’s can fund a wider variety of transportation projects
  • All phases of local projects are eligible for use of the funds
  • Minimal environmental requirements
  • No NDOT/FHWA oversight of required permits, consultant procurement, or contracts
  • Projects using funds will be minimal state oversight


Agencies and Qualifying Programs

Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG)

  • All Counties
  • Cities and the First Class outside of the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas

Highway Bridge Program (HBP)

  • Counties with deficient bridges
  • All Cities of the First Class (including Lincoln and Omaha) with deficient bridges


Eligible activities:

Roads (STBG):

Construction, reconstruction, maintenance, or repair of public highways, street, roads or bridges and facilities, appurtenances, and roadway structures

Bridges (HBP):

Construction, reconstruction, improvements, repair or maintenance (projects that preserve, restore or correct major roadway or bridge condition) of LPA public road bridges


Erosion protection, sidewalk, ADA ramps, curb and gutter repair and storm sewer repair