NDOT Local Projects Workforce Development

Per the signed memorandum of agreement between NDOT and FHWA-NE, NDOT will utilize Core Federal Transportation Program funds for training and workforce development. Many of the educational opportunities provided through this funding are administered by Nebraska LTAP.

Allowable expenses directly related to participation in approved activities are reimbursable for the following persons:

  • LPA Responsible Charge Persons (RCs)
  • LPA personnel who work on or may work on Federal-Aid transportation projects
  • LPA elected or appointed officials who make transportation decisions for their LPA
  • NDOT Local Projects Division leaders and staff
  • NDOT State Representatives (SRs) from the NDOT District Offices
  • Other NDOT employees who work on Federal-Aid transportation projects


LPA Expense Reimbursement Items & Info


Completed expense reimbursement forms and all supporting documentation should be sent to: NDOT.LocalProjects@nebraska.gov