Boards - Liaison Services


Mission: Provide quality support to the NBCS and BEX and serve as information resource to our customers.


The Boards - Liaison Services Section provides administrative support to the Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards (NBCS) and to the Board of Examiners for County Highway and City Street Superintendents (BEX) and serves as an information resource to counties and municipalities in administering their highway road and street programs.


Programs administered by Boards Liaison Services are:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I obtain a County Highway or City Street Superintendent License?

A:  Please contact our office at 402-479-4436, for a current application form, as we are in the process of updating it. There are several components to obtaining a license. Review the Licensing Program Overview document, then look through the recommended training courses available.


Q:  How do I find the actual and projected highway user revenue distribution?

A: You can find highway user revenue distribution information on NDOT's Financial Reports page.