Consultant Certification

In accordance with Rev. Neb. Stat. §81-1712 (3), any consulting firm desiring to provide professional services on State or Federal-aid projects in the State of Nebraska must first be certified by the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) in one or more NDOT Standard Work Categories.  This annual certification period corresponds to the State’s fiscal year (July 1st  – June 30th).  Consultants requesting annual certification must submit an electronic NDOT Form 497 linked below.  Certification requests received after May 1st of each year will apply beginning with the next fiscal year starting July 1st


NOTE:  Additional qualifications are required to be attached to the NDOT Form 497 for those firms seeking certification in any NEPA studies category.  See instructions below for information on NEPA Studies certification requirements.



Consultants that are currently certified will receive a “recertification” link emailed to the primary contact(s) as listed on their latest NDOT Form 497 from your firm.  After clicking the link, consultant should confirm or edit their current certification information and resubmit the completed form.  Firms seeking certification or recertification for NEPA Studies are required to submit their latest NEPA qualifications packet when completing the NDOT Form 497.


  • NDOT Form 497 - Annual Certification
    • If you just want to update your current certification, avoid filling out the entire form and request a recertification link (see instructions)