State Highway Commission

The Nebraska State Highway Commission was created by the 1953 Legislature to insure citizen input in the planning, design and operation of the state highway system. It acts as a liaison between the public and personnel of the Department of Transportation regarding highway matters.


The Highway Commission consists of eight private citizens. One member shall at all times be appointed from each of the eight highway districts. Each commissioner is appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature to serve a six-year term. The NDOT Director is an ex-officio member of the Commission.


The Highway Commission meets no less than six times per year. All meetings are open to the public and conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. At these meetings, and various other hearings on proposed projects, the Commission serves as an additional channel for citizens to voice their opinions concerning the state highway system. Go to the events calendar to see upcoming Highway Commission meetings.



The Commission has several responsibilities. The group advises the Director in establishing policies and programs for NDOT. They assist in conducting public hearings, investigations and studies related to providing an adequate and safe highway system for the state. Commissioners also provide assistance in advising the public regarding policies, programs and activities of NDOT.


The Department of Transportation will refer requests to name state highways or bridges to the State Highway Commission for review and recommendations to the Director and Governor. Final approval is by the Governor. Learn how to name a state highway on the Get Involved page.


Find the Highway Commissioner in Your Area:

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Nebraska State Highway Commission
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