Nebraska Seat Belt Law

The driver, each front-seat occupant in the vehicle and all children six years of age and less than 18 years of age must wear occupant protection systems and all occupant protection systems worn are properly adjusted and fastened. All persons being transported by a motor vehicle operated by a holder of a provisional operator's permit or a school permit shall use occupant protection systems worn are properly adjusted and fastened. This is a secondary law, which means the driver is cited for this violation only if cited or charged with an additional violation or some other offense. The violation shall be assessed against the driver of vehicle result in a $25.00 fine.

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  • 60-6,265 Definition of an occupant protection system.
  • 60-6,266 Occupant protection system; 1973 model year and later motor vehicles; requirements; violation; penalty.
  • 60-6,270 Occupant protection system; use required; when; exceptions.
  • 60-6,271 Enforcement of occupant protection system requirements; when.
  • 60-6,272 Occupant protection system; violation; penalty.
  • 60-6,273 Occupant protection system violation; evidence; when admissible.

There are different requirements for children under the age of (18) eighteen. To learn about Nebraska’s Child Passenger Safety Law click here.





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