Relocation Assistance

Responsibilities & Objectives

The Relocation Assistance program is an entitlement program that assists Nebraska residents in relocating their primary residence, business, farm, or non-profit organization when they are required to move to make way for a highway construction project.


The Relocation Assistance program consists of two basic parts: Advisory Service and Financial Assistance. Every person being displaced is eligible to receive advisory service in relocating to a replacement dwelling or non-residential location. When certain eligibility requirements are met, displaced persons are also entitled to financial assistance in relocating their personal property and for the increased costs of buying or renting a replacement dwelling.


These services and benefits are in addition to compensation received by the property owner for the acquisition of real property or real property rights. These services and benefits are also for tenants of real estate that must move for a highway construction project.


The Relocation Section maintains an Approved Relocation Consultant List for those firms retained by the Department to provide relocation services on those tracts not assigned to our staff ROW Agents.


Relocation Assistance Appeal Forms





Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to move as a result of the Department’s project?

It depends on the impact a project has on the property you currently occupy. A Department agent will answer any questions you have and provide relocation assistance to you. Additionally, if you are displaced by a Department project you will receive notification in writing.


Where will I move to?

If you are required to move, the Department will assist you in locating and acquiring or renting a comparable replacement residential dwelling. However, you may select the new location and dwelling of your choice.


How long will I have in which to move?

You will be provided plenty of time to move. The Department must provide you with a minimum of ninety days advance notice after a replacement dwelling has been made available, before you can be required to move.


Will I be reimbursed for expenses I incur?

Yes, you will be reimbursed for the actual, reasonable, and necessary costs incurred for moving your personal property to a new location. You will also receive reimbursement for certain expenses that are necessary to purchase or rent and occupy a replacement residential dwelling.


What happens if I own or rent a non residential property and must move?

You will also be provided plenty of time to move. The Department must provide you with a minimum of ninety days advance notice before you can be required to move.

Owners or tenants are eligible for payments designed to reimburse them for:

  • Their costs in moving personal property,
  • Their time in searching for a new location,
  • Actual loss of tangible personal property,
  • Their expenses in reestablishing at a new site, 

- OR -

  • They can take a fixed payment in lieu of the other mentioned relocation benefits. This payment is between $1,000 and $20,000, based on the net earnings of the business or farm.


Will someone be available to answer my questions?

Yes. The Department places as much importance on providing advisory services as it does reimbursing incurred expenses. You will be provided with an agent’s name and telephone number who will be available to assist you throughout the moving process.