Rail Funding Information

If you have ideas for rail safety issues that need funding determination contact your local road authority or NDOT by phone at 402-479-4434 or 402-479-4515, or via email at ndot.rail@nebraska.gov.


The state of Nebraska utilizes two funding sources to make safety improvements (lights, gates, circuitry, surface panels) to at-grade crossings:

  • The Grade Crossing Protection Fund - established by Statute 71-1317. State Statute 39-2215 provides for the monthly transfer of $30,000 from the Highway Trust Fund to the Grade Crossing Protection Fund.  The funds provide the state’s share, or 95% of the cost of construction and installation of automatic crossing protection devices on all classes of roadways.
  • The Railway-Highway Crossings (Section 130) Program


Also, the local community and/or Railroad generally funds 5-10% of the overall cost.


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