Nebraska Children/Child Passenger Related Crash Data:




During 2017 on Nebraska roadways:

  • One child was killed and 282 children ages 0-4 were injured
  • One child between the age of 5-9 was killed, while 415 were injured
  • Three children between the age of 10-14 were killed and 587 were injured


2018 Child Safety Seat/Booster Seat Survey Results

In Nebraska, child safety seat use is surveyed annually through observations conducted in rural and urban counties. Among the children observed in the 2018 study, 97.4% were riding in child safety seats/booster seats. This rate is comparable to the rates for the last few years (97.0% in 2017, 98.4% in 2016, 96.9% in 2015, 96.9% in 2014, and 95.9% in 2013). These rates are significantly higher than the rate observed when this series of surveys began in 1999 (56.2%). (HSO)


Total observed child restraint use in rural counties increased from 97.0% in 2017 to 97.4% in 2018; urban counties results increase from 96.7% in 2017 to 97.3% in 2018. Of the number of children in safety seats/booster seats:

  • 95% of children were in the rear seat of vehicles; 5% were in front seat
  • 91.7% of children in rural counties were in the rear seat of vehicles; 8.3% were in the front seat
  • 96.4% of children in urban counties were in the rear seat of vehicles; 3.6% were in the front seat

Of the small number of children not in child safety seat/booster seats:

  • 16.7% of children were observed in the front seat
  • 2.4% of children were in rural counties
  • 2.7% of children were in urban counties