Hay Harvest Resources (for harvesting hay on Nebraska highway right-of-way)

  • General Rules & Regulations - PDF
  • Hay Program Informational Brochure (includes locations & contact info for NDOT district offices)
  • Application to Harvest Hay (NDOT 521) - PDF  |  Word
  • Application to Harvest Hay - Spanish (NDOT 521) - PDF  |  Word
  • Guide for Completing Application - PDF
  • US Citizen Attestation Form (NDOT 289) - PDF  |  Word



Hay Harvest Information (not related to harvesting hay on Nebraska highway right-of-way)

Hay haulers, if you are seeking information on Interstate Movement of Hay in Nebraska, that information is found within Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6, 288, specifically, in Statute section 2 (g), which reads:

During daylight hours only, vehicles en route to pick up, delivering, or returning unloaded from delivery of baled livestock forage which, including the load if any, may be twelve feet in width;