Standard/Special Plans Manual for Designers & Consultants



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Table of Contents


Standard Plans

These Standard Plans are those plans which are prepared by the Standard Plans Committee, reviewed by others, and signed by the designated engineer. These plans usually do not have frequent changes. Standard Plans will be listed on the title sheet of all projects.  Final plan sets will not include Standard Plans. 


Special Plan Sheet

The approval procedure for these plans includes only the Standard Plans Committee, and can therefore be easily changed. 

Generally, Designers can create Special Plans for a specific project showing all details that deviate from the norm, or are not shown in other ways. 


Standard Typical Cross-Section Sheet (B)

These sheets are a collection of details, normally in the form of cross-sections. They may or may not have titles. 


Standard Information Sheet (G)

Usually one sheet of a G Sheet covers one topic, the sheet will be included in this section which are not shown on other sheets.


Standard Detail Sheet

These details are developed by different divisions through the Standard Plans Committee, and they are too small to cover an entire sheet of B, G or other plan sheets. 


Design Guide Sheet

These are details which are primarily used by designers, they include information which will help the designer. These details are not necessarily included in the plan set.