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Airline Services Makes Major Events Possible

OMA | Eppley Airport



Every June, college baseball fans from around the country gather in Omaha, Nebraska to cheer on their favorite team at the College World Series (CWS). The event, held at TD Ameritrade Park, has created a stable impact on the local economy and continues to grow year after year. In 2019, a record 357,646 attendees over the course of 16 games brought an estimated $70 million in economic impact. 

With almost 60% of attendees coming from out of state, aviation serves as a vital link for the event. Located less than four miles from the stadium, Eppley Airfield hosts thousands of out-of-state visitors who not only attend the CWS but visit other attractions in the area as well. This direct spending has led to growth that provides year-long support to the local economy. 

In addition to visitor spending, media coverage during the CWS showcases Omaha on a platform that increases national exposure and provides long-term value for the entire state. This recognition has helped Omaha attract other sports events, including NCAA volleyball and basketball tournaments, Olympic swim trials, and the international equestrian World Cup in 2017.

As the College World Series continues to bring nationwide coverage of the state of Nebraska, aviation provides essential support for the economic impact of major events.