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Facility Upgrades Bring New Business to Alma

4D9 | Alma Municipal Airport



Over the last several years, Alma Municipal Airport has experienced significant growth in terms of facilities and economics. In 2011, the airport installed a self-service fuel facility. A few years later in 2014, its 3,200-foot long turf runway was paved and runway edge lights were installed.  Shortly after that, several hangars were constructed. Since the 2014 facility improvements, fuel sales continue to grow and are triple what they were prior to Runway 17/35 being paved.  With 40 years of aerial application experience, R Muckel Cropdusting decided to base its crop dusting operation at Alma Municipal after facility improvements were made in 2014. The company constructed a hangar and attached office area to allow it to provide aerial application services within a 50-mile radius of Alma serving southern Nebraska and northern Kansas.