History and Purpose

Concept: Many good ideas originate in obscure places, and that's the case with the Nebraska User Group (NeUG). NeUG came about because of a conversation between City of Lincoln and Nebraska Department of Roads employees, Mike Otte and Bill Wehling.


Mike and Bill were watching their kids play midget football one Sunday and started chatting about their jobs. As they shared some of their experiences using the various aspects of Bentley Systems Microstation, it occurred to them that there might be people in related industries that would have useful information to share about the software...if only they could get them all together.


Development: They next visited with industry consultants and others and formed a team that contacted MicroStation reps. The MicroStation response was encouraging, so the initial group put a program together, arranged for speakers, and sent out invitations to various industry users to attend a one day conference.


The first NeUG Conference was held in the spring of 2004, at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, and the response was overwhelming. Over 200 engineers, surveyors, architects, & construction industry personnel attended the meeting and the Nebraska Users Group was born.


Current: The group meets at intervals throughout the year to share info about MicroStation and other products that interface with it. NeUG provides a forum for members to share their experiences and to get timely answers to questions. It also provides a venue for MicroStation reps to solicit opinions about how to improve their product.