Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to register my airplane with the NDOT Division of Aeronautics?

No, you do not.

I noticed a tower that used to be lit at night doesn't have a light anymore. Can I report this?

Yes. You can call 877-487-6867 to report tower light outages.

How do I find out about FAA Safety Seminars locations and schedules?

Please visit the FAA webpage.

Who is responsible for flight safety and investigating allegations of unsafe flight?

FAA's Flight Standards Office is the regulatory agency for flight safety.

FAA-Flight Standards Division Website

Who do I contact about airline consumer issues?

The U.S. Department of Transportation. Contact them for airline issues such as denied boarding, lost baggage, overbooking, ticketing, and statistics for on-time performance.

DOT's Aviation Consumer Protection Division Website

An aircraft was flying low over my land or house, what can I do?

Contact the FAA-Flight Standards Division Website

Where can I find Rules and Regulations regarding the NDOT Division of Aeronautics?

You can find them on the Nebraska Secretary of State website.