Goals & Objectives


As a part of the 2040 Statewide Transportation Plan, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) sought feedback from the public, transportation stakeholders and NDOT staff to develop five goal areas for the plan: Asset Preservation, Mobility Choices for People and Freight, Secure and Resilient Transportation, Safety, and Support for Economic and Community Vitality. Each of these goals are summarized below.

These goals and corresponding objectives are discussed in more detail in the Goals & Objectives Executive Summary and the Final Goals & Objectives Memo.


To finalize goals and objectives for the long-range plan, NDOT completed an inventory on existing transportation assets and their condition, examined potential influences on the future of transportation in Nebraska, and sought feedback from NDOT staff, the Stakeholder Advisory Committee and Nebraska residents. The following documents provide an overview of the process to develop the final goals and objectives:






Asset Preservation


Keep Nebraska’s multimodal transportation assets in a state-of-good-repair









Mobility Choices for People & Freight


Keep Nebraska’s multimodal transportation assets in a state-of-good-repair






Secure & Resilient Transportation


Manage the risk and magnitude of disruptions to Nebraska’s transportation systems.





Provide a transportation system in Nebraska that is safe for all users.








Safety for Economic and Community Vitality


Choose investments in Nebraska’s transportation system that best support the vitality of Nebraska’s economy and all of its communities.