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NDOT has just conducted annual program meetings to review budgets, asset preservation needs and project delivery risks.  As a result, the NDOT is preparing a coordinated list of asset preservation projects to advertise using a multiple services RFQ.  See the explanation below:

  • The multiple services RFQ, described above, will be for 10 to 15 asset preservation projects.  It is the NDOT’s plan to advertise about the same volume of services in 2018 compared to 2017.  We will advertise other RFQ’s as the needs arise.
  • Services might include; Planning, Survey, Roadway Design, Environmental, Right of Way and Bridge services. 
  • Projects would be grouped based on service needs and size.  Hypothetically, if we had 12 asset preservation projects, there might be 4 groups of 3 projects. 
  • Firms would select which groups of projects they are pursuing; they might mark one, two, three or all.
  • One Qualifications proposal would be prepared for all groups that a firm is pursuing.
  • The groups would be somewhat balanced in size (dollar) to avoid firms chasing only the largest group.
  • We might have smaller groups (or single projects) to target firms that have not traditionally done engineering services for the state.
  • We encourage teaming to incorporate specialized services and promote equity.
  • The RFQ would come out at the end of January/early February 2018.
  • Our Roadway Design On-call would come out following this selection.
  • It is our goal to identify projects to contract on an annual basis.  However, this annual event would be supplemented with other RFQ’s throughout the year as service needs arise. 
  • Multi-services RFQ’s would become our primary method of competitive selection for Roadway Design services. 
  • The Roadway Design on-call would still be available as a tool for selection and contracting but it would be used sparingly.  The number of firms on the Roadway Design on-call would be reduced to a number that would reflect our new vision for contracting.
  • On-call services for Environmental, Survey and Bridge will be minimally impacted by this change.  We will retain those on-call services.
  • The NDOT will remove the lists of firms associated with the specific on-calls from our website.
  • Over the next year, the NDOT will assess developing a more robust qualifications process. 
  • Build Nebraska Act projects and other capital improvement projects will have separate RFQ’s.  




Template Professional Services Agreements and Workbooks

The following templates represent the typical documents that are prepared for Professional Service Agreements.  They are provided as examples of the language typically included in the total agreement package.  Workbook templates are provided as an aid to prepare consultant’s cost proposals.  In most cases, NDOR’s Agreement Specialist will provide detailed workbooks specific to each agreement when negotiating costs.  


Agreement Templates
Exhibit Templates
Workbook Templates


Consultant Certification

In accordance with Rev. Neb. Stat. §81-1712 (3), any consulting firm desiring to provide professional services on State or Federal-aid projects in the State of Nebraska must first be certified by the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR).  The certification period corresponds to the State’s fiscal year (July 1st  – June 30th).  Additional steps are required for firms seeking to be certified for NEPA Studies.  




Consultants with agreements using the Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) payment method are required to submit the firm’s overhead (indirect costs) schedules annually to NDOT for review/approval.  If applicable, please include a cognizant official approval letter. 


Consultants must certify* each overhead schedule using the language from Chapter 11 of the Consultant Procurement Manual (page 11-48).  For convenience, this certification language is available on a form called Certificate of Final Indirect Costs.

*The “Certifying Official” must be an individual executive or financial officer of the Consultant at a level no lower than a Vice President or Chief Financial Officer, or equivalent, who has the authority to represent the financial information utilized to establish the indirect cost rate for use under NDOR agreement.


Schedules and certification forms should be emailed to: