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Template Professional Services Agreements and Workbooks

The following templates represent the typical documents that are prepared for Professional Service Agreements.  They are provided as examples of the language typically included in the total agreement package.  Workbook templates are provided as an aid to prepare consultant’s cost proposals.  In most cases, NDOR’s Agreement Specialist will provide detailed workbooks specific to each agreement when negotiating costs.  


Agreement Templates
Exhibit Templates
Workbook Templates


Consultant Certification

In accordance with Rev. Neb. Stat. §81-1712 (3), any consulting firm desiring to provide professional services on State or Federal-aid projects in the State of Nebraska must first be certified by the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR).  The certification period corresponds to the State’s fiscal year (July 1st  – June 30th).  Additional steps are required for firms seeking to be certified for NEPA Studies.