Nebraska's Surface Transportation Program for 2021


Message from Acting Director, Moe Jamshidi P.E.

The transportation system is the backbone of Nebraska's economic engine. Agriculture, for example, is one of our most important industries, and the farm-to-market roads in the State are crucial to the State's economy. So, how well we build, maintain, and operate the transportation system today and years into the future is the key to the State's success. NDOT oversees nearly 10,000 miles of roads and over 3,500 bridges, and despite the current challenges, our employees have provided the needed services to keep Nebraska moving forward.


The Department of Transportation, with our transportation industry partners' help, make every effort to provide the best possible statewide transportation system for the movement of people and goods. The last couple of years have presented unique challenges resulting in opportunities to explore unique solutions. In early 2019, NDOT faced unprecedented damages to roads and bridges throughout much of our State due to widespread flooding. We sustained $150 million in damages on approximately 200 miles of roads and 27 bridges. Working alongside industry partners, we designed, repaired, or rebuilt all the damaged roads and bridges. This accomplishment is a tribute to NDOT employees who worked tirelessly to make it happen. In fact, On October 22nd, we celebrated the opening of the Highway 281 bridge south of Spencer, marking the opening of the last damaged highway from the 2019 floods. We continue to work with our federal partners to get reimbursed for the flood expenses. We estimate about $40 million of our flood recovery expenses are not reimbursable.

In 2020, the COVID pandemic affected state and federal revenues and made cash flow projections even more difficult than usual. Despite the challenges in 2021, you will notice throughout the Nebraska Surface Transportation program book that we will continue to make progress in Capital Improvements such as Expressway System expansion on Hwy 30, Hwy 275 and the Heartland Expressway on Hwy 385. NDOT’s top priority remains Asset Preservation as required by State law, which encompasses many activities such as modernizing, replacing or repairing concrete and asphalt pavement, and bridges.

This year the Surface Transportation Program Book has been streamlined to include strictly the 1-year construction program and 5-year planning forecast project listings. We have also created an interactive GIS map on our NDOT website that replicates the project information represented in the program book in an interactive map-based format.



Download the 2021-2026 Surface Transportation Program Book

(Some pages are intentionally blank for printing purposes)


*Project cost estimates contained in the book represent the planning estimates of the total costs of a project. These include: preliminary engineering, right-of-way, utilities, early planning estimates of construction, and other costs. They do not represent the final estimated construction cost of any project which goes to letting for bid by contractors.



Interactive GIS Map

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