Nebraska's Surface Transportation Program for 2023

Message from Director John R. Selmer, P.E. 



On behalf of the Nebraska Depart­ment of Transportation, I present to you the 2023 Surface Transportation Program Book. While we are hopeful that the worst of the COVID‑19 pandemic is behind us, we face continued uncertainty with the new challenges of supply logistics and inflation that have contributed to some material shortages and cost increases. Just as we met our challenges head‑on last year and continued to deliver on the con­struction and maintenance of our transportation system, we expect no less in the year ahead.


These challenges remind us more than ever that our focus must remain on the people we serve – the traveling public. Our new mission statement reinforces our commitment to enhance the quality of life through a convenient, safe, and innovative transportation system. Not only does our system connect people to essentials such as work, school, and healthcare, it provides the framework for continued economic growth through the commitment and creativity of the agency and our partners. 


NDOT’s experienced and talented team members will continue to provide the best possible transportation system that builds on our investment in infrastructure. NDOT is responsible for nearly 10,000 miles of roads and over 3,500 bridges. Our goal is to balance investments between preservation of pavements and bridges and building new infrastructure, while also expanding Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and researching innovations in transportation, such as connected and automated vehicles. 


There is positive movement in terms of improving our transportation infrastructure due to the passage of the infrastructure Investment and Job Act (IIJA), signed into law by president Joe Biden on November 15, 2021. This law invests $350 billion nationwide in the US highway programs over five years. This includes the largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the Interstate Highway System. Competitive Discretionary Grant opportunities will be available to provide funding to improve or expand roads and bridges, urban and rural investment and increase infrastructure resilience, and pedestrian/bike trail opportunities. We continue to learn more details about these opportunities for Nebraska in the coming months.


While sustaining and modernizing existing highways is our priority, you will notice throughout this year’s program book that we will make progress preparing for capital improvements, such as the Expressway System expansion on Highway 81 from York to Columbus. This year’s book is streamlined to include the one-year construction program and five-year planning forecast project listings. An interactive map is available on our NDOT website.




Download the 2023-2028 Surface Transportation Program Book

(Some pages are intentionally blank for printing purposes)


*Project cost estimates contained in the book represent the planning estimates of the total costs of a project. These include: preliminary engineering, right-of-way, utilities, early planning estimates of construction, and other costs. They do not represent the final estimated construction cost of any project which goes to letting for bid by contractors.



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