US-275 Scribner to West Point



Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Provide regional connectivity between Norfolk and Fremont which will further connect the area to other urbanized areas and to the Interstate transportation system.
  • Increase the efficiency and safety of travel
  • Facilitate economic development



Project Description

This project will improve approximately 18.5 miles of US-275, located in Cuming and Dodge Counties. The rural portions of this corridor will be upgraded from a 2-lane highway to a 4-lane expressway.  A 4-lane expressway bypass will be constructed around Scribner. A 5-lane Two-Way-Left-Turn-Lane section will be constructed north and south of the existing 4-lane section in West Point.  The existing 4-lane concrete section in West Point from 13th Street (R.P. 116+63) to Logan Street (R.P. 118+07) will be used in place.


The project limits are from R.P. 114+00, 2.01 miles north of the junction of US-275 and N-9, and extend south and east to R.P. 133+65, 3.01 miles southeast of the southeast corporate limits of Scribner, matching in to the existing four lane expressway section.  Construction may begin and/or end approximately 1500 feet ahead of or beyond the actual project limits to accommodate phasing and transitioning the pavement.


NDOR plans to construct the majority of this project using a 2+2 approach which involves using the existing two lanes of highway in place and adding two new lanes adjacent to the existing lanes, resulting in a four-lane divided highway.  Where practical a 3R strategy will be used to preserve the existing two lanes.


Existing bridges will be assessed and used in place, rehabilitated, or replaced as necessary.  New structures will be constructed on the additional two lanes.  Extensive grading and culvert work will be required.


Additional property rights will be required to build this project.


This project will be constructed under traffic with lane closures controlled by appropriate traffic control devices and practices.  Temporary surfacing may be required at bridge locations to accommodate phased construction.

Shortlisted Design-Build Teams

  • Kiewit Infrastructure Co. (Kiewit Engineering Group Inc.; FHU Engineering; RW Engineering and Survey; FYRA Engineering; JCG Engineering)
  • Graham – Werner JV (Graham Construction; Werner Construction; WSP USA Inc.; Olsson Associates)
  • Hawkins Design-Build Team (Hawkins Construction Co.; Burns McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc.; Clarkson Construction Company; Alfred & Benesch Company; Constructors, Inc.; Trafcon; JCG Land Services, Inc.)