Sutherland - Hershey



Project Purpose

The purpose of this project is to preserve the transportation asset, improve the reliability of the transportation system and perpetuate the mobility of the traveling public by providing a new driving surface, updating the guardrail, installing new roadway lighting in Sutherland, re-grading the earth shoulders, and seeding.




Project Description

Beginning May 21, Hwy. 30 will be closed to thru traffic from Prairie Trace Rd. at Sutherland to Hwy. 30 Link 56C junction. The contractor will begin milling work on the eastbound lane and shoulder. Paving operation for the overlay is anticipated to start on June 5. Work on the westbound lane is scheduled to begin June 20. Opening the roadway to normal traffic is anticipated to be August 24. Seeding and bridge work will then be completed, using flaggers. Street light replacement, curb repair and asphalt overlay work will also be done on Hwy. 30 through Sutherland. Curb repair and electrical work is scheduled to begin July 9 and completed August 8. The asphalt portion of the project from Hwy. 30 and Hwy. 25 junction to Prairie Trace Rd. in Sutherland will begin August 22, with anticipated completion September 6. This work schedule depends on good weather and no major delays.



Project Resources



Detour Routes

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Normal Detour Route

normal sutherland to hershey detour route via i-80

Emergency Detour Route -

ONLY if I-80 is Temporarily Shut Down

emergency detour route via hwy 83, 23, and 25, only if i-80 is temporarily shut down