US Hwy 6: West O to Cornhusker


Project Information

Project #: NH-6-6(154)
Control #: 12265


Items from September 2010


Focus of Study of Proposed Construction: This project is studying how to provide an efficient roadway, improve traffic operations, resolve existing roadway deficiencies, and accommodate locally adopted plans for US 6 between West "O" Street and Cornhusker Highway.  Two build alternatives are being considered - realigning US 6 along 1st Street and widening US 6 along its existing alignment.  An Environmental Assessment is being prepared, in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and related regulations, to analyze the impacts to a variety of social, economic, biological, and cultural resources.  Some of the sensitive locations in the study area are: a historic landfill, the Salt Creek floodplain, existing and proposed trails, saline wetlands, and recreation areas.  A location study is being written to document the process and summarize both design and environmental issues. 


Alternatives Being Considered: A study of the possible realignment/reconstruction of Sun Valley Blvd/US-6(SVB) from West “O” St to Cornhusker is being conducted. The Realignment alternative (#1) proposes a four-lane SVB along the existing alignment from West “O” Street to near Line Drive.  Then, SVB would follow a new alignment, ultimately connecting with 1st Street, where it will connect with Cornhusker Highway.  Turn lanes would be provided as necessary.  The bridge over the railroad south of Line Drive would be replaced.  The existing 1st Street bridge over Oak Creek would be replaced or widened to accommodate realigned SVB.  The existing SVB bridge over Interstate 180 would be removed.  West of I-180, existing SVB and the roadway embankment would be removed; east of I-180, the roadway would be removed, but the embankment would remain.  Pedestrians and cyclists would be accommodated with a combination of 5’ wide sidewalks and 10’ wide trails.  The Reconstruction alternative (#2) would follow existing alignment of SVB and would provide a four-lane facility.  The existing roadway would be reconstructed with new bridges, turn-lanes, and sidewalks as required.


Lighting/Signals/Signing: Street lighting will be provided along improved US 6.  The preferred alternative (1st Street Realignment) proposes signalized intersections at US 6 and the following cross streets: West "O" Street, Westgate Boulevard, Line Drive, Charleston Street, and Cornhusker Highway.


Right-of-Way: Alternative #1 (1st Street Realignment) will require approximately 8.7 acres of right-of-way, including two private businesses and the City impound lot. 

Alternative #2 (existing alignment) will require approximately 3.9 acres of new right-of-way, including two private businesses.


Schedule: After the Federal Highway Administration approves the draft Environmental Assessment, a public meeting will be held.  Design will not begin until the document has been finalized and the project has been approved by the the necessary agencies. 


Project Cost: The current cost estimate for Alternative #1 (1st Street Realignment) is $18.2 million.  The current cost estimate for Alternative #2 (existing alignment) is 22.1 million. These figures are preliminary and subject to change.


If you have question about this project, you can contact the NDOT District 1 Office at 402-471-0850.




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