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US-81 and US-34 Highway Study

Project Information

Project Name: US-81 and US-34 Highway Study  |  Project Number: MISC-81-2(1050)  |  Control Number: 42914



About the Project

Identified as US-81 and US-34 Highway Study, the study corridor is approximately 7.25 miles in length along US‑81 starting just south of Interstate 80 (I-80) at mile marker (MM) 57.75 (CR-9/50th Street) and extending north through the north junction of US-81 and US Highway 34 (US-34) at MM 64.00. This is a planning study; preliminary engineering and construction phasing would be determined in later phases of the project delivery process.


The purpose of the study is to evaluate potential improvements that would preserve the transportation asset, improve the reliability of the transportation system, and perpetuate the mobility of the traveling public. The study is needed to reduce congestion, improve safety, and improve efficiency of through traffic and truck traffic.


The intent of the study is to better define transportation concerns through the US-81 and US-34 corridor and to evaluate different types of potential improvements. The study would include the evaluation of interchange and intersection alternatives, as well as evaluating access restrictions. Other reasonable alternatives that become evident during the study would be considered as well. The analysis would consider at a minimum the operation, safety, and cost effectiveness of each alternative.


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Project Information


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