US 275/72nd Street Interchange


Project Information

Project #: NH-275-7(194)
Control #: 22469


Location Map: location map



The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) and the City of Omaha have identified the need to reconstruct the US-275 (L Street)/72nd Street Interchange Bridge in the near future.  Recently NDOT and the City of Omaha finalized a feasibility study for the 72nd and L Street Interchange.  The purpose of the feasibility study was to identify transportation issues in the area and develop possible alternatives to solve the apparent bridge need.  In part of the study, NDOT held a stakeholder meeting (including adjacent businesses in the area) to discuss potential impacts and gather additional information from the draft concepts developed as part of the Interchange Feasibility Study.  In the consideration of alternatives, NDOT and the City of Omaha established the following goals and objectives for the transportation study area:

  • To provide acceptable traffic operations at the intersection of L Street with 72nd Street based on the forecasted future traffic volumes.

  • To reduce the frequency and severity of vehicle crashes.

  • To enhance safety through access management consistent with NDOT and City of Omaha policies and guidelines.

  • To provide pedestrian and bicycle accessibility in the project area; particularly along the 72nd Street Corridor.

Moving forward, NDOT will begin the project development process and identify potential alternatives, utilizing information from the feasibility study, project goals and objectives, and information received from the Stakeholder Meeting, which would eventually be presented to the public.  NDOT has not programmed the project in the 2015 to 2018 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  The STIP has a listing of the federally funded projects that NDOT intends to advance over the next 4 years.  Eventually, the results of the feasibility study could lead to a project in the future, though; no specific project has been identified beyond the preliminary planning identified from the feasibility study.


Feasibility Study