Spring 2019 Issue

Flood Repair Activities and Stormwater Permits/Erosion Control, Flood Repair Activities and 404 Permits, SWPPP Inspections/ECODatabase, New Erosion Control Training Requirements



Winter 2018/2019 Issue

Unexpected Waste Action Plan, Wetland Mitigation Banking, Shoulder Seeding Changes, Detour Time Allowances, Contractor Use Site Approval Changes



Summer 2018 Issue

Erosion Control Training Update, Stormwater Inspection Process, SWPPP Handoff Guidance, NEPA Assignment, Threatened and Endangered Species Update



Fall 2017 Issue

Material Source Site Approvals, Nationwide 404 Permits, Good Housekeeping BMPs, ECODatabase, Upcoming Erosion Control Training



Spring 2016 Issue

Whooping Cranes, District Environmental Training Recap, Vegetation Inspections and Erosion Control Training



Spring 2015 Issue

Environmental Inspections to Close Stormwater Permits, Q/A for Northern Long-Eared Bats, ECODatabase Updates, Description of Nationwide Permit 3, Identifying Hazardous Materials on Construction Sites, Upcoming Erosion Control Training



Fall 2014 Issue

New Environmental Special Provision, Project Seeding Records, Closing Out Corrective Actions in ECOD, Project Inspections During Winter, Upcoming Hazardous Materials Training, Migratory Bird FAQs, Upcoming Training



Summer 2014 Issue

Environmental Commitment – Checklist Events in SiteManager, Printing ECOD Corrective Action Lists using the “Punch List” Feature, Corrective Actions and Rain Events, What’s the difference between temporary impacts and permanent impacts?, Mowing and Carrion Removal for American Burying Beetle and Upcoming Erosion Control Training.



Spring 2014 Issue

ECODatabase Project Inspection Summary Sheets, Closing Out A Stormwater Permit, Temporary Access Crossings and Temporary Bridges, Green Sheet Attachment 1 – What does it really mean in the field?, Borrow Site Approval Process, Date Ranges for Nebraska Migratory Bird Nesting Seasons, Asbestos and Bridge Demolition Activities; and Courses available for Erosion Control Training.



Fall 2013 Issue

Things to consider for Winter Stormwater/Erosion Control, Environmental Compliance Update, ECODatabase Tidbits, DR Form 61 “Project Seeding Record”, Whooping Crane Late Migration and Online training coming soon.



Winter 2011-2012 Issue

NDEQ issues new NPDES Concrete Grinding and Grooving Permit and what it means for projects, NDOR's New Policy on Oil Distributor Cleanout and Staff Changes at NDOR Headquarters.



Fall 2011 Issue

Corrective Action Due Dates and 1/2" or more rain events, DR Form 519, Guidance on Temporary Slope Drains, Seeding for Establishment and ESC Training Dates.



Spring 2011 Issue

Concrete Waste Management, Reminder about Temporary BMPs, Migratory Bird Nesting has Started, Strategy and Purpose for NDOR Seed Mixtures and ESC Training in Gering



Winter 2010-2011

Guidelines for Silt Fences, Orders for Spring Seeding, Wetlands Growing Season Starting Soon, Tree Removal Before Nesting Starts and Training in Holdrege, Omaha, Ashland and South Sioux Have Open Seats.



Fall 2010 Issue

Contractor Personnel Not Certified, Terminating Stormwater Permits, Restricted Areas Guidance, New Highway Environmental Section Manager, Whooping Crane Migration, Perfect Time for Tree and Brush Removal and ESC Training in Lincoln and Grand Island.



Summer 2010 Issue

Bi-Weekly Stormwater Inspections and Rain Event Inspections, Revisit the 14-day Rule, Dust Control, Benefits of Bonded Fiber Matrix, September 15th Special Conditions and NDOR ESC Class is Omaha.



Spring 2010 Issue

EPA inspects NDOR Projects for Construction Stormwater permit Compliance, Is it Time for a Vegetation Inspection? and Migratory Bird Nesting has Started!



Winter 2009-2010 Issue

Project Reviews during Winter, Spring Seed Orders, T&E Protocols for Resuming Projects and ESC Training in Scottsbluff and Ashland.



Fall 2009 Issue

Winter Preparation, Winter Month Inspection Frequency, Pre-Construction Submittals, ESC Training in Kearney and Mahoney State Park, and Spill Kits.



Summer 2009 Issue

New Stormwater Inspection Forms, A Seed Story, 404 and September 15th, Nesting Season and Multiple Broods, Bill's Corner and ESC Training in Kearney and Lincoln.



Spring 2009 Issue

It's Spring and Construction Season is Blooming, What is that Dashed Line?, Is it Time for Vegetation Inspections?, Rip-Rap and Broken Concrete, T&E Surveys Ramp-up and ESC Training in Omaha and Lincoln.