ECOD Login Site (NDOT Employees Only)


Nebraska Department of Transportation takes a proactive approach to ensure environmental commitments and mitigations made during the planning, NEPA and design phases are fulfilled during construction and maintenance phases. NDOT’s environmental stewardship initiative is facilitated by an innovative software application, called ECODatabase or ECOD. The software application supports broad environmental compliance requirements of the Agency. The application's evolution has allowed environmental permits and commitments associated with state and local projects to be addressed in one place. ECOD now supports the preparation and submittal of thousands of construction site inspections annually. The transition from paper to electronic inspections has allowed NDOT to more effectively document and distribute inspection reports to the appropriate stakeholders.


ECOD is delivering the commitment to environmental stewardship by:

  • Centralizing project environmental compliance information
  • Managing user profiles to present a personalized interface
  • Hosting administrative oversight for system and project settings
  • Authenticating user logins to support valid electronic signatures
  • Automating the distribution of notifications and summary reports
  • Controlling and informing user input to improve inspection data quality
  • Calculating quantitative performance measures based on real-time data