The NDOT and the FHWA Nebraska Division are pleased to announce a new environmental process that is an outcome of the mission and goals of the NDOT/FHWA Joint Project Delivery Efficiency Team, established in 2014.


The NDOT-FHWA Team began a process of partnering and problem solving, aimed at identifying and implementing project delivery efficiency opportunities, particularly as they relate to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process.


Throughout the last year, the Team has worked to improve the NEPA processes and project delivery efficiency in Nebraska. The team has produced a new Programmatic Categorical Exclusion Agreement (PCE Agreement) and a series of related guidance documents.


The objectives set for the Team were to strengthen the partnership and relationsips between the FHWA Nebraska Division and NDOT, as well as to develop a sustainable approach to project delivery that:

  • Ensures Federal-aid projects in Nebraska are delivered in compliance with all applicable Federal laws and regulations;
  • Reduces the duration of the NEPA decision-making activities within the project delivery work flow, and 
  • Reduces the project delivery time for projects requiring Categorical Exclusions (CEs).


NDOT/FHWA Joint porject Delivery Efficiency Team Summary:


Environmental process products developed by the Team include:

  1. A New PCE Agreement between FHWA and NDOT dated 4/15/2015. The Agreement is based on MAP-21 Provisions and the CE final rule issued in October of 2014;
    2015 PCE Agreement

  2. A New "all level" CE Form to be used for processing all levels of CE's established in the PCE agreement;
    NDOT CE Form

  3. New CE Form Instructions, used as guidance to practitioners when completing the form;
    All level CE Form Instructions

  4. Nebraska Interim Quality Assurance/Quality Control Procedures
    QA/QC Procedures

  5. New Section 4(f) (of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation Act) procedures, with forms and instruction;
    4(f) Guidance
    NDOT 4(f) Initial Assessment Form
    NDOT 4(f) Exceptions Form
    NDOT 4(f) De Minimis Form 

  6. A new Public Involvement Procedure to support the NEPA decision making process;
    NDOT Public Involvement Procedure

  7. Programmatic Agreement among The Federal Highway Administration, The Nebraska State Historic Preservation Officer, The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and The Nebraska Department of Transportation to Satisfy the Requirements of Section 106 for the Federal-Aid Highway Program In The State of Nebraska.
    NDOR PQS Project Review Memo – Section 106 Tier I Project
    NDOR PQS Project Review Memo – Section 106 Tier II Project
    NDOR PQS Project Review Memo – Section 106 Tier III Project


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